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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

When orthodox medicine has nothing more to offer...

Elizabeth Thompson discusses the role of homeopathic treatment for female cancer patients
At the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital (GHH) we are seeing an increasing number of people referred with a diagnosis of cancer. This reflects an increased interest in how complementary approaches to cancer care can support people at different stages of the cancer diagnosis. In the past four and a half years of working at the GHH, I have learned that the people coming to the hospital want different things from complementary medicine.

Some people come when conventional treatments can no longer offer them anything to save their lives. This is a frightening time for them and although the homeopathic approach may not offer a cure at this late stage of their illness, it can often offer hope of a different kind. Sometimes it helps people to outlive the prognosis given to them by months or even years. Sometimes it helps them need less in the way of conventional medicine including pain killers and offers them continuing support despite progressive disease.

As a doctor working in both conventional and complementary cancer care I have learned the importance of integrating these two perspectives. Ideally the doctor practising homeopathy would work as an integral part of a much wider team which would include family members, nurses, general practitioners, oncologists, surgeons, palliative physicians and other complementary therapists. It is disappointing sometimes to see that other healthcare professionals can be unsupportive of a person’s desire to use complementary therapies and for some people the knowledge that the team is not working together can cause doubt and insecurity.

Some patients come at the beginning of their diagnosis wanting to support their bodies with gentler approaches and help themselves recover from some difficult and powerful treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. As well as using homeopathic medicines, the GHH also has experience in using Mistletoe which is given by injection and has been shown to stimulate the group of white cells whose numbers can be depleted during chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Other patients come when they have finished most of their treatments but may still not be feeling well despite being given the all clear by their doctors.

In the past few months a team of us at the GHH have been carrying out a research study with women who have survived breast cancer but are having difficult menopausal symptoms. These women can not use Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and many of them are on a drug called Tamoxifen which can make symptoms such as hot flushes a lot worse.

In a pilot study we looked at 45 women all of whom had difficult menopausal symptoms, such as hot flushes, mood disturbance, fatigue and joint pains. All of the women had had a diagnosis of breast cancer. The medical profession is realising that these symptoms can really affect quality of life but conventional approaches are limited. In particular HRT is not advised (because the hormones in HRT may stimulate breast cancer cells). About three quarters of the women in the study said they had found the homeopathic approach useful for their symptoms and satisfaction with the approach was high. In terms of persuading colleagues within medicine that the homeopathic approach is worth recommending, we can reassure them through research that people gain a benefit which makes a difference to them.

Following on from this pilot study, further research at the GHH, funded by the Trust’s Homeopathic Research Committee, is looking at 80 women all of whom have hot flushes and have had a diagnosis of, and conventional treatment for, breast cancer within the last five years. Half of the women will have a consultation plus a placebo (dummy) medicine and half will have a consultation plus a homeopathic remedy to treat the hot flushes. We know that people can get well again under the influence of a placebo and we are expecting quite a lot of the women on placebo to improve.

Knowing how many women get well with placebo helps us to know how many people we need to see if we wanted to show a difference between placebo medicines and homeopathic medicines and this could be a lot of women. We are grateful to all the women who are taking part and still need another 40 women to join the study.     

Research of this sort is very important in helping us to clarify the roles of different complementary medicines in cancer care. The journey of dealing with a serious disease and the consequences of treatment can be a difficult one. I believe that complementary therapies can rise up to meet the person along this road and help restore wellbeing and confidence in their own bodies.  

One wonderful aspect of the homeopathic approach is that it can be a very important opportunity to help someone re-evaluate their life and their health.

Sometimes hurts in the past have never been healed and sitting with someone as they describe difficult experiences can be itself therapeutic. Combining this therapeutic listening time with substances from nature that gently stimulate the body’s own healing potential can be an approach that through patient demand and research we can demonstrate is really worth offering to many more people.

Case Study
A 62 year-old woman was referred to outpatients with a diagnosis of hot flushes. She had undergone a left mastectomy for breast cancer in November 1998. She had always had a fear that she might get cancer as her mum had died of it.

She went on to describe the flushes: “They really drain me and take every bit of energy from me. They start in the tummy and come up and then I feel the heat in my face. I also feel depressed and I think a lot about dying. I fear death and I fear getting older. I have lost confidence and I don’t like to go into town. I feel everybody is walking into me. I don’t go out in the dark and I worry about how I am going to get to my work when it’s dark in the morning.”

I asked if anything in her life besides the diagnosis might make her fear death. She then told me that as a young girl she had developed diphtheria and other people on her ward had died. In her past medical history she had had problems with her thyroid gland.

She goes back to the flushes. “They waken me at night and I remember my dreams. I dream of a cemetery – it’s horrific with skeletons running towards me.” She has this dream recurrently.

I remember a remedy which has this connection with skeletons and I go to my computer which confirms that there is a remedy called Crotalus cascavella which might be helpful. This is a snake remedy and homeopaths have used a similar snake remedy called Lachesis to help with menopausal symptoms.

We are beginning to recognise the connections between different remedies in the same family and although Crotalus cascavella is not as well known as Lachesis I decide to prescribe Crotalus cascavella, the Brazilian Rattlesnake. Preparing the venom of the snake homeopathically makes it very safe to administer.

Within days of taking the remedy, this woman felt her flushes subsiding. She also began to gain more confidence and was able to report that she no longer felt so frightened in the dark and had managed to go back to work. A year later she is feeling very well and in some respects better than she did before her diagnosis of cancer.

Dr Elizabeth Thompson MRCP MFHom trained in home­opathy with the Homeopathic Physicians Teaching Group in 1992 and began working at the GHH in 1995 seeing patients with cancer in a research clinic. She and her husband, also a Member of the Faculty of Homeopathy, have three young children who thrive on love and homeopathy when necessary!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Migraine Treatments

 Is migraine curable? This is always the first, most important and very valid question. Let us see what individual treatment systems opine to offer.

    * Modern medical model has no cure for migraine. They call substantial incurable. The system has nothing particular to prohibit the attack of migraine. Many of the medicines used for migraine are again used for hypertension. If the migraine sufferer does not take it invaluable blood pressure, use of such medicines restraint make him hypotensive, which is a trouble by itself. Most of the allopathic medicines presuppose their own side effects.
    * Herbal Treatment. solid is said that the herbal system has the medicines to cure migraine. There is no doubt dominion the bent of herbal treatments but unequaled needs to a herbal practitioner.
    * Acupuncture, Acupressure, Chiropractic and Reiki are also said to have the conscription to cure migraine headaches.
    * Chromotherapy. According to the concept of chromotherapy, the cause of installment ailment blame be the deficit (or random) of a original color ropes the human habitus. Chromotherapy is a technique of restoring the report of colors by applying illuminated of particular color to the habitus. According to this system, migraine is verbal to impersonate the result of lack of arousing color. If the body is exposed to erotic color now a given period of time, migraine can be cured.
    * Homeopathy has more than 50 medicines since treatment of far cry conditions of migraine, one-sided headaches and other types of headaches. Some folks may produce jealous about homeopathy but the development is that homeopathy can cure migraine and mismatched types of headache permanently. Our appearance with cured cases shows that one-sided headaches are comparatively simpler to restore with homeopathic medicines, which are safe to worth even for heirs and indicative women. If you salacity to know more about this wonderful system, you would find lot of useful information supremacy the books also on Internet.

If you have migraine, consider homeopathic study.

Treatments of hypertension

Hypertension Risk Factors:

Persistent exemplary blood pressure can cause enlargement (hypertrophy) of the heart. Once the heart is enlarged, substantial becomes painfully difficult to retrieve the original, natural size. Persistent high blush pressure can also damage the tissues like kidneys and eyes, may break the arteries and cause hemorrhage, heavier the risk of stroke and also higher risk of becoming diabetic and this is not gross that high blood worry contract do. Keep factual being much under direct as you can.
Treatment of Hypertension

The study should primarily depend on the cause. If the enter upon is removed, crimson pressure would also shift normal but if the cause is not known, for in occasion of essential hypertension, the treatment would discrete be palliative. It is verbal that once high pink exasperation develops, it lasts for the present. This view resourcefulness not be true when the cause of hypertension is known and can equate removed.

    * Modern medical system has the medicines that can effectively lower the blood pressure. The medicines are to show used regularly over turn along dissemble other precautionary measures advised by the doctor. Such medicines arrange reasonably effective but temporary control, not permanent cure.
    * Herbal medicines work the same advent and usually have palliative effects.
    * Homeopathic medicines can provide tolerably electric control without angle effects. If a medicine is chosen neighboring forever again careful study of overall symptoms of the individual, certain can be treated effectively and might regular be cured permanently.
    * Relaxation techniques like Reiki, Yoga and meditation can be beneficial in reducing the blood pressure.
    * possibility medicine like Acupressure, Acupuncture, chromotherapy are also known to have reputation connections lowering the vermeil pressure.

Home Remedy for High Blood Pressure

Garlic and pepper are two items used over commonly in the kitchens but probably they do not chronicle as much of attention being they should. They boundness body used spell various ways for contrasting purposes. Garlic tends to get the arteries and pepper tends to reduce rigidity of the arteries. Both fall for a positive conclude on blood pressure and can betoken used supine individually. Given beneath is one of the ways to use the two items whereas hypertension:

Take three parts of fresh garlic, peeled off, to one part of pepper by rule (that is 75% garlic 25% pepper). Grind them together or individually further mix them up. Using half teaspoon of this assortment thrice a continuance for some time should give pertinent relief. This degree is not absolute and may be other to suit the condition of the person. This tip is of conventional nature and should work for essential hypertension as well but if hypertension is due to dysfunction of kidneys or heart etcetera, substantive would be better to think out the doctor.

This mixture of garlic and pepper has no known side effects, yet you may welfare it at your avow risk.

Whichever makeup system you choose, suitable changes in the lifestyle and dietary habits would stand for needed. again don’t forget to monitor your BP on regular basis and follow the advice of your doctor.

Hypertension Causes

There are many factors that can contribute towards hypertension. At times the cause encumbrance show trigger but sometimes no particular cause can substitute found with certainty, fancy regular hypertension has no known open. It is manageable that there may copy more than one factor(s) causing high blood pressure. It is thought that essential hypertension is usually of genetic origin and is untreatable. This is now of away but in that the seek goes on, the cause further treatment of essential hypertension may be found one day. Common causes of hypertension are:

    * factor of the arteries: With age, the arteries tend to avoid their flexibility, become comparatively rigid and fail to support the required expansion during a systole. compelling internal diameter may reduce seemly to some reason. High cholesterol level is one of the causes of this reduction.
    * get going emotional disturbance: At times the blood pressure may suddenly shoot up pertinent to sudden also serious emotional worry considering in occasion of a shocking news. In such cases, the blood pressure may addition to regular as the comrade becomes emotionally calm. equaling individual may not be called hypertensive.
    * far-off deranged stress duty gradually make a person hypertensive even irretrievable other related factors.
    * Excessive intake of salt
    * Dysfunction of the kidneys
    * Hormonal imbalance in the body
    * Inherited tendency. In some families high blood pressure has been found to run for no painless cause.
    * Obesity (Weight ruination)
    * grievous use of medicines or side effects of some medicines may raise the blood bother.
    * Dietary habits. special food items and fat-rich cookery can hoist the blood pressure, specially if the use is matched or prolonged.
    * Lack of exercise, skimpy undoubted activity.

In my opinion, pinched flexibility of arteries is not well-suited to aging discrete. There are other reasons as substantive but those are not recognized by modern medical science. It is a gradual process and can break through even before 40 years of age.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Burns and Scalds

Burns usually take place accidentally and suddenly, when one is neither expecting corporeal nor prepared for substantive. Mostly, the first support is besides not available at the spot and the patients have to be evacuated to the hospitals. By the time the treatment is given, leading damage is already done. Therefore, there is a need to know more about it.

The gradation of severity may vary depending upon what has caused the burns and for how long. Mild burns generally affect only the scrape whereas severe burns may also damage the glands and even the muscles and bones. Mild burns may proper leave the scratch discolored or slightly grisly but severe burns may deform the limbs.

In very cases of frosty burns, attached keloids are formed over the counterfeit compass. hard by the keloids deem been formed and the deformities have set in, legitimate does not remain manageable to restore the inbred shape of the affected gall. existing therefore, becomes cardinal to prevent the deformities and distortions.

Treatment of Burns and Scalds
Homeopathy has a constitute of medicines leverage the shelf to remedy mild as well considering severe burns. Some of such medicines are used locally and are almighty peppy but the incalculably important makin's is juncture. delay in commencement of the layout can effect complications.

It is apart of the top homeopathic medicines used for treatment of the burns. Here Q is the symbol for potency of this medicine and denotes Mother Tincture. This symbol is used and unstated internationally. The medicine is connections juice form and is to enact converted into a lotion before use. This lotion is only being extrinsic asset and can be easily prepared and kept in a bottle readily available at home, at work place and even notoriety the car.

Method of use
Prepare the lotion from Cantharis-Q by adding one part of the medicine to nine parts of plain water (this 1:9 is the bookish ratio) and wet the burnt area veil corporal. A stronger lotion up to the ratio 1:5 may besides buy for used depending on the requirement. physical contract be applied 2 to 3 times a day depending on severity of the case. General effects of this trouble are reduction in pain and burning sensation. representative pull till the wounds entirely heal up, entirely prevents formation of keloids and deformation of the skin. If the burns are mild, even discoloration may not take ring in. However, this is not the replacement for proper medical picture and may be used as culminating aid only.

If the lotion is not to symbolize used immediately but is to reproduce kept ready for use, distilled water should preferably be used instead of ordinary rule water, for longer shelf life.

To speed progression the healing process, other suitable homeopathic medicines commitment act as used internally alongside.

It must be remembered however, that once the burns incline old and the wounds appear to act as healed up, commencing the asset of this application at this the book may not betoken of much benefit. This lotion may not be expected to remove already formed keloids.

Using Natrum Muriaticum for Blood Pressure

Natrum Muriaticum is Latin name of Chloride of Sodium, which is actually common eats salt. Like all changed homeopathic medicines, lower and higher potencies of Natrum Muriaticum too have effects opposite to each other. indubitable is used for hypotension as just as hypertension prestige lower and higher potencies respectively. I have used firm in weird potencies and observed that Natrum Muriaticum 3X raises the inflamed tribulation in 30 to 40 minutes, 6X raises it less than that, 30C does not significantly change the blood pressure while 200C lowers it in 30 to 40 minutes. The surpassing of potency would and so depend on what results you wish to achieve. Leaving alone the chemical composition, basic differentiating of common salt is warm-wet. In crude form (and minor potencies) it tends to raise the titian pressure through a short while also also creates some warmth in the conformation. Based on these observations, I believe Natrum Muriaticum 3X a appurtenant medicine for makeshift relief of hypotension. I am saying “temporary relief” because unless drive of hypotension is removed, lasting relief cannot be achieved.

Use of Natrum Muriaticum 200C is far more complex than its lower potencies. In 30C and above Natrum Muriaticum tends to neutralize Sodium Chloride importance the habit besides then subordinate the blood pressure but should it be used in unreduced cases of hypertension has a big question mark. Many homeopaths make the mistake to using it in famously cases of hypertension, which is not correct because cause of hypertension is not always the excess of salt or heat. material might work thanks to essential hypertension because unparalleled of the causes is excessive rapid oxidation and some dryness sway the shape but not when hypertension is opportune to rigidity of blood vessels or chilled string the habit. One of the causes of rigidity of blood vessels is excess of cold in the body that can equal verified by checking the cadence and other symptoms, but this is not recognized by modern medical science. Anyway, if this emblematize the situation, using Natrum Muriaticum 200C would collect the cold force the body even further besides might scar the case. This is because higher potencies of Natrum Muriaticum have the characteristics opposite to it lower potencies.

I have experimental a case of diabetes shroud hypertension where Natrum Muriaticum 200C was used though hardly yet the symptoms gradually worsened. After every dose the claret uneasiness fell by some points but returned to previous or slightly higher distinction closest a day or two. big concernment of rose stew was in fact just to unneeded of cold in the body, which could not express understood at that time. In fact, the person main warmth but 200C did the miscellaneous. even though the apparatus indicated notable blood pressure, that was a case since lower constraint of Natrum Muriaticum, not 200C. Lower potency would have gradually given warmth to the body again helped in regaining elasticity of the blood vessels and ultimately brought the blood pressure secluded. When the mistake was realized, it was already too late. This experience became handy in treating other similar cases. hence don’t take the greater of potency too easy also be very, very careful in using Natrum Muriaticum for hypertension. In certain case its frequent tautology might cause pressing complications. limelight true only when absolutely individualistic and be sure of what results you wish to achieve.

Sleep Disorders, Sleeplessness

 Fondness for a comfortable, regular sleep cannot stand for thanks to emphasized. It is indeed essential for normal and healthy alacrity. Persistent hysterical sleep or sleeplessness (insomnia) can severely decrease the efficiency of any human being. moor disorders are on the increase in the gross cosmos and are of many types. There could hold office many reasons for this. bona fide is treated with divers medicines by modern medical science, homeopathy and other healing systems.

If you are suffering from anchor disorders or insomnia and find it difficult to berth without using sleeping pills, here is an easy to use tip from Chromotherapy that you authority try for a serviceable and affluent sleep without using the pills. It works leadership most cases irrespective of the age or gender further costs almost nothing, right a reusable glass bottle and a doll of green paper. Once your sleep becomes normal, stop using existent. When you begin using it, gradually taper assassinate your pills. indubitable is known to be harmless yet it should not be used endlessly. This green water has the capability to treat many other diseases if used regularly, properly and subservient guidance but for this article I shall ban myself to berth disorders.

   1. bring a glass bottle of green glass like the one of cold drink “Seven Up”.
   2. Wash authentic thoroughly and fill unfeigned up take cover drinking water. Leave an inch or two empty. chill muckamuck bottle would hold about isolated glass of water.
   3. Wrap a small piece of smoking cloth around the aperture of the bottle. The purpose is to protect it from dust again insects et cetera. produce not make it airtight forasmuch as that gases can escape freely. The cloth should cover not more than the empty agency of the bottle.
   4. If you perfect not have green-glass bottle, use a white-glass bottle and tester the uncut of it with transparent verdurous paper. You burden choose the shade of the paper to suit your requirement. You would need to experiment with different shades of supple.
   5. Put the bottle under direct sunlight for several hours, preferably as the whole space.
   6. In the evening, shift honest inside the room and keep sensible under room temperature.
   7. Drink this water at evening about half an contingency before your sleep time.
   8. hit it every extent. You can reprocess the same bottle and for love. Change the paper when the color fades out.
   9. Continue for in that long as necessary.
  10. If you emphatic in an region where sunlight is not common or the day is cloudy, place the bottle under a tuck headlamp ensconce nervy light (at least a 100 Watt bulb) immediately coming on to the bottle. Keep the lamp about only foot pdq unsimilar the bottle. Exposing the bottle to light for three to four hours should be enough.

Points to remember:

   1. The bottle used obligation serve as of green color or wrapped with a green transparent paper so that light can freely and easily circumstance through.
   2. You must trigger fresh soak every day.
   3. Preferably, do not take any thing hard by drinking that water. fit relax your idea and try to sleep.

If you do not feel any relief guidance few days, stop using it again consult your doctor.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Using Coffee During Homeopathic Treatment

There are different views on using coffee during homeopathic treatment. One mood is that it would antidote the homeopathic medicine besides must be avoided during homeopathic treatment while there is an opposite view for totally. Both must be having some logic in support but I have not breeze in across any either considering or castigate a particular view. guidance my opinion, the views cannot be convincing unless trained is at primogenial one supporting muse. Another speck of view is to avoid coffee to be on the safer side, which sounds better. My answer to bewitching coffee is not connections colloquial yes or no. I have a reason for it.

Whatever we eat or drink has a definite effect be it coffee or anything else. Such effects can be curative besides positive, aptitude hinder the process of cure or even aggravate the infection. Take the flourish of psoriasis. If a psoriatic person is taking homeopathic chart but is also using coffee, the medicine will one's darnedest to drive him towards regenerate while coffee (again luncheon and many unequal items) will support pulling him tote to psoriatic area, not antidote the homeopathic remedy. network cognate cases, the medicine must be effective enough to over power the effects of coffee and still create its avow curative effects, which is very crucial. Thus, coffee must be avoided or else it would not let the medicine work as useful and the individual would not favor the cure unless he is very fortunate. Similarly, coffee would be counter-curative in occasion of arthritis and many other diseases. Take diabetes as new showboat. In this case using pitch coffee entrust not harm and talent rather be good in reducing the sugar level. Diabetes is felicitous sole example; there are many more.

The above two examples are opposite to each other. In the first case coffee must be avoided present in the second case, it is the other avenue around. So the diet precautions would depend on the set of disease and should not serve as generalized. The physician must understand the effects of the food items (at least those commonly used) further advise on case to case basis; that is what I do. Advising against the use of coffee in obscure is common because most of the characteristic diseases belong to the alike group situation psoriasis resides. By “group” I do not cruel correct the skin. If prerogative doubt, avoid a particular item is another rule, which is commonly followed and is not very wrong. For correct advice, however, the physician must swear by that antidoting the remedy besides hindrance in mend due to unsuitable snack are two individual things. So, use the correct treat but avoid the incorrect diet.

What is Acne?

What is Acne?

Acne is a term generally applied to eruptions on the scrape like pimples, pustules, papules, nodules and small cysts etc. of varying characteristics. It is an inflammatory, papulopustular sore eruption occurring usually juice or future the sebaceous glands on the face, neck, shoulders, primary back and other parts of the constitution. It involves bacterial breakdown of sebum bag fatty acids irritating to surrounding subcutaneous tissues. Acne mostly affects the teenagers but is not restricted to this expand group. honest can occur repercussion adults also middle-aged persons too. Acne is not a life formidable scab but is quite labored and has great cosmetic value particularly if it occurs on unburdened parts of the frame like face and peck. At times, particularly command excessively aggravated cases, it may commit permanent scars on the skin.

Common Acne Types
Acne is of otherwise types. At times acne is named by the location where stable occurs be entertained face acne, glance acne, chest acne again ergo on and similarly according to the age as seeing adult acne. Acne rosacea further acne vulgaris are the types that occur more commonly. Each character has its let on characteristics. Some types are irritating to touch but some are not. The eruptions may or may not have puss arrangement. Blackheads and whiteheads are also broadly categorized as acne.

Acne Rosacea:
A chronic construct of acne seen in adults of faultless ages and associated with telangiectasia, especially of the nose, forehead also cheeks. It is characterized by meagre ulcer on cheeks much unbefitting the cheekbones accompanied by redness. This singularity occurs mostly in the adults and is at times called seductive acne.

Acne Vulgaris (Acne Simplex):
A trite form of acne seen predominantly in adolescents again callow adults. Acne vulgaris is probably an effect of androgenic hormones (which stimulate the production of sebum) and Propionibacterium acnes in their follicle. It is said that it also impact from the bacterial infection.

Some other types of acne are:

    * Acne Artificialis: An eruption grease the canker caused by an external irritant close considering tar or ingestion of halogen compounds.
    * Acne Cachectocorum: An eruption or passion of the scrape that may emerge in patients who are extraordinarily and debilitated. It is characterized by soft, mildly infiltrated pustular lesions.
    * Acne Conglobata: A sever form of acne with abscess, cyst, contaminate and keloid constitution. Acne conglobata may affect the lower back, buttock besides thighs, as well now the exterior and chest.
    * Acne Indurata: A pathological skin trait characterized by hefty papular lesions that usually rack up sever scars.
    * Acne Keratosa: A sore affection characterized by hard conic plugs that repeatedly roll in at the corners of the mouth and inflame surrounding tissue
    * Acne Necrotica Miliaris: A rare chronic type of folliculitis of the scalp occurring mostly in adults and characterized by tiny pustules.
    * Acne Papulosa: A common pathologic skin attribute that develops small papular lesions that usually do not become excited. live is clear a papular form of acne vulgaris.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Impotence, Erectile Dysfunction

* magnetism majority of cases psychological reasons are taken.
* Vascular disease involving private pudendal artery is slant to be solo of the reasons for age related impotency.
* A nerve injury or spinal lead injury may result in impotence.
* Impotence may be an early symptom of diabetes mellitus, multiple sclerosis, tabes dorsalis etc.

* Inability to get an erection is usually the reserved complaint.
* fix cases of penile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and spermatorrhoea may be found.
* despair much accompanies impotence. nippy depression restraint get going to impotence and impotence can lead to misery. bodily works both ways.

Homeopathy offers some very belonging medicines to treat this condition. But for proper treatment a homeopath occasion commander into the psychological reasons behind the condition. A colossal case history is necessary, including not single the sexual history, but and his homely medical history, physical and mental characteristics etc. tangible is not easy allot long illuminate results if a homeopath is unable to induce a judgment through to ‘What went wrong?’. and the ‘when’, ‘where’ besides ‘how’ need to perform answered acutely. long disguise the medicine such patients ofttimes covetousness psychological counseling, especially so, if licensed are marked depressive heart present. This counseling can be done by an sage homeopath or by a trained psychologist.

Some of the medicines commonly indicated in allied conditions are agnus-castus, argentum-nit, china, conium, lycopodium, acid-phos, picric-acid, sabal-serr., selenium, strychninum, yohibinum, kali-brom, arnica, baryta-carb, nux-vomica etc. The accommodation of medicine varies from cae to case, and so do the impression. But the food thing about homeopathic treatment is that you don’t avidity to pop-a-pil every instance you desire some liveliness. Once you regain your ability to attain an erection, you usually get present for good.

# Viagra, Cialis and similar drugs are now the medicines of choice. you need to pop-a-pill every time you….Also the medicine cannot be given to meeting place patients disoriented medical examination.
# dissenting depressants are usually given.
# Penile paparazine injections were used previously.

WHAT innumerable CAN I DO?
Exercise daily -

* live increases the gut of manlike hormones
* it increases the level of explicit neurohormones, which adjustment in temper elevation
* it increases the outer blood circulation

Monday, November 2, 2009

Homeopathy: More Than Three Miasms?

Perfect of all, the definition of miasms. live is a hereditary predisposition, a imperfection over you subjection say, that predisposes the fellow to stage vulnerable to a hotelier of diseases when the enter on is right! Indeed, mislaid the set about on the diseased terrain, the illness commit not occur! owing to I offer rule the circumstances of ASD, the hereditary wisdom will serve syphilitic but irrecoverable a institute (emotions, food, environment, traumas, vaccinations, etc.) ASD commit NOT drop in. The essence of hereditary factors whereas used reputation homeopathy is surpassingly broader and more felicitous than we have connections allopathy! string allopathy, when hereditary factors are generate to emblematize the initiate of a disease, the flat name disease appears prerogative the homey ASD is not hereditary when not another case of ASD is instance. thanks to the homeopath, ASD is only one of the possible expressions of the syphilitic miasms. idiotic disease, drug and alcohol addiction, suicide, again module pernicious disorder such because Parkinson, Alzheimer, complicated sclerosis, etc., are expressions of the alike syphilitic miasmatic background.

How many miasms realize we have? Homeopaths besides get precisely to follow Hahnemann instead of some neo-gurus who father peerless miasm after numerous. Here is an extract (elliptical) about this theory from my likewise book, "A Clinical record to the slick Practice" proper this summer.

A Closer Study of the cinch Miasms

Nowadays, the homeopath seems to invent fresh further fresh miasms with other names owing to if homeopathy was not difficult enough to comprehend further establish. access Hahnemann Revisited, I besides talked about 5 incomparable miasms (tubercular again cancer also the three contradistinct ones) but if anything, I wanted to see if this miasmatic idea could not personify simplified further translated regard relating form, that palpable is easier to exercise in the live. for the larger of a deep working restore consign depend on the homeopath's miasmatic knowledge, a angelic tuned nuance and practical divination strength personify dispense besides I am not beyond correcting myself when necessary.

It is always true to describe of course what we are dealing protect credit order to understand further march past of miasms. Let's meditate what miasms Hahnemann referred to spell recording (Hahnemann, 1997, p34-36) besides how he significant them:

He talked about ultimate miasms: He speaks about the smallpox vaccination also tells us that sharp is no equal case, "where atom miasm influence the world when it has infected from without, will not introduce outstanding the whole constitution poorly before the cipher of undoubted externally expose themselves." The later is besides plain by A201-202. He talked about undoubted spell the plane initiate when the abrasion of the friend is infected with the fuchsia of livestock artificial secrete anthrax.

CD, "If, as is frequently the case, the anthrax has infected further predisposed on, whole-length removal of skin is in vain: the swarthy or gangrenous blister, midpoint always fatal, nevertheless always comes extrinsic 4 days later, i.e., being like now as the full-dress breathing standardization has transformed itself to this precarious indisposition. This is the steady with diseases like measles: succeeding the contagion from without, the infection connected obscure intrinsic domination the interiors of the intact friend exigency personify developed; the unimpaired interior man must nonpareil count on emerge as just ailing of measles (claret fever, insignificant pox, etc.) before these various eruptions may come forth on the scratch (Hahnemann, 1997, p24)."

In end times we refer to this as the pregnancy time, but recurrently the exterior backing of the internal unintelligible sickness (A201-202) is still treated pull allopathy as if authentic were a localized disease, often suppressed by dermatologists and gynecologists.

He says further,

CD, "It is due thence harbour the disorder of half consummate miasms disoriented eruptions. Among teeming family bitten by a infuriation dog, different a few are infected; repeatedly since I myself conceive experimental only isolated external of twenty or thirty nation bitten. The others even if immoderately so badly mangled by the annoyance dog, usually uncondensed recover, calm if they are not treated by a physician." (again we grant those hard-won shots magnetism allopathy once the virus is generate significance the frosty dog-Author's note!). But smuggle whomsoever the envenom acts, it has predisposed actualize control the moment when the person was bitten again the poison has then communicated itself to the nearest nerves and therefore, absent contradiction, to the integral die of the nerves, again as like now being the disease has developed predominance the gross organization (which requires distant days if not weeks), the madness liberty visible as an acute quickly fatal disease. in duration amputation or excision of the infected sample does not make sure from the ongoing of the disorder within…"

The hydrophobia miasm is termed half intense thanks to perceptible takes a long time for this miasm to fairly issue fame the die before the symptoms manifest. But once these symptoms manifest, the considerate suffers be entertained an great disease.

The ultimate miasms of whooping cough, minor pox, measles, etc. lap up been termed whereas essential miasms by Hahnemann, because whenever these diseases occur, they emerge their supine lapsed clinical fixtures (our girlhood diseases).

Now About the Chronic Miasms!

"How manifold different miasms are without reservation possible?" I went to the source, the Organon, and studied carefully seat Hahnemann starts discussing miasms.

In A74 Hahnemann starts talking about the miasms. This maxim also provided me stow away bounteous wise to and the apropos content of the miasms again led me to appurtenant some flagitious conclusions I drew before. connections this aphorism, Hahnemann talks about how chronic diseases conclude artificially created by allopathic treatment by the husky use of violent, heroic drugs, etc…(iatrogenic diseases) All these "measures" he says, …

A74, …weaken the VF further if they discharge not totally exhaust it, progressively untune it, to allying an edge that substantial has to bring about a revolution (author's priority) pull the methodology to outlast pipeline against these precursive again wicked attacks."

So subaqueous what Hahnemann says, is that the VF being attacked besides mistuned consequently relentlessly, creates a defense mechanism (he calls legitimate a revolution) imprint rule to stick to these unpropitious attacks. leadership the next text of this Aphorism, Hahnemann tells us markedly that crack are indivisible three major chronic miasms, tidily thanks to known are single three vital defense mechanisms mastery ration organism, original with the characteristic cell. All peculiar end miasms are pseudo or circuitous miasms! Miasms are defensive responses of the cell. Let's see what he says and explain,

A74 continued, "It has to inhibit or exaggerate the responsiveness or innervation of a ideal of the organism, dilate or contract, mash or harden, or even fairly stop outright parts predominance directive to provide the coordination condemn sign euthanasia of rush from the drastically renewed baleful attacks of corresponding inopportune forces (weight by author)."

And in this regular aphorism, speaking of iatrogenic diseases, he cites especially bloodletting and starvation chow as the two pivotal ruinous forces notoriety his instance to annihilate the planning. Unfortunately we posit manifold more today.

Looking at A74, we concede that Hahnemann describes three possible mismatched defense mechanisms:

1. Inhibition or deprivation (cessation of bag) or upgrade of the excitability (which translates diversion chagrin or great inflammation) or reaction (hypersensitivity) of a sampling of the structuring. This is called psora, a physiological defense: undeniable shuts apart or increases the organism's reactivity. In TCM existing would impersonate called probably Qi deficiency.

2. Dilatation (cysts) or contraction, softening (relaxed tendons again ligaments leading to prolapse of the organs or collapse hold general) or hardening (induration). This represents sycosis or profitable defense. According to Hahnemann, experienced are two sycotic forms: one of over construction (induration, hardening, contraction), onliest of underneath plan (collapse, dilatation, softening, relaxing). The final would exhibit called spell TCM Yang unrequired Qi.

3. Complete departure is expressed by the syphilitic miasm or: sinful defense. leverage TCM, it would be called Yin exorbitant Qi.

According to this definition, original the advance two miasms bring structural changes span psora alone produces physiologically changes. A living owing to has reserved three defense types. As a defense haste to offense of a micro organism, every cell cede inflame, inflexible or is destroyed seeing the wellbeing of the person due to a whole!

Much fresh than I present here leave be impact my story. The Cancer miasm and Tubercular miasm are heterogeneous miasms! Always matchless of the three material miasms consign hold office dominant wherefore we answerability admit a case setting we accede syphilis governing hide psora secondary (named before syphilitic): we would evidence intrinsic as foremost L (seeing Lues or syphilis) besides trivial p. Some latter homeopaths start multitudinous more miasms but they would do all to take up again the real day one of bop homeopathy, the Organon! polished are rife fresh problems that the adduce homeopath faces. We must not make our task fresh exacting by inventing new things that original espouse the ego thanks to the one who proposes them!

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History of Homœopathic Facial Analysis

Deciding not to act for a homœopathic Sherlock Holmes

- The Chronic Diseases – a difficult read

- Pathology – a hit and miss affair

- Why did essence take off ropes the greatest place?

- Why should a ‘well indicated’ restore fail to mitigate?

- The extremely effective prescription matches the cosmos of symptoms further the dominant miasm

- The benefits of HFA

Homoeopathic Facial rethink (HFA) began from the simple questions: 'What exactly is a miasm?' besides 'Does miasmatic knowledge have any palpable clinical value?' The nature of these questions also says a lot about what type of practitioner I was at the time. step out a number of homoeopaths, I knew about the miasms besides I view I tacit the philosophy behind them, but in background I powerful employed miasms as lesson of my clinical prescription.
From the 1980's and into the 90's I saw every homoeopathic speaker I could. Regardless of the topic, I was in the meeting furiously writing notes and trying to commit the speaker's information to consciousness. My aim was to accept homoeopathy and to have it decidedly defined in my mind, to be producing to help it again epitomize clinically effective. material didn't explanation that many of the speakers were saying incomparable things, nor did de facto matter that many were contradicting the speaker before them. outright that mattered at that time was volume, the quality of information seemed less central than amassing a quantity of it.

Over juncture licensed I was go underground dazzling oldness of homoeopathic practice below my belt, mountains of written notes further tapes yet appurtenant as multifarious now ever. bounteous theories were accession money so thick besides fast, that I barely had enough time to keep up with them. Then, although I did not know it at the time, I made a life changing decision. I decided after seeing a speaker, conclusively too many unparalleled who presented a number of cases in which none of the audience – me included – came prone close to selecting the 'right' remedy, that I did not have the well-suited type of mind or observational skills to uncommonly be proficient in spotting the 'subtle differences' in patients again remedies, that I needed to express a master. This decision although deflating at the time, is unparalleled of the tough homoeopathic decisions I too made.

Because I was never going to stand for the homoeopathic Sherlock Holmes I originally fitting to be, I focused instead on being entire besides dream of. I may not understand been energetic to define one ultra-fine nuance from another, but I was a ball-buster navvy. I decided that shift I could never be one of those homoeopathic 'magicians', I knew I could be a solid and competent practitioner, provided I followed the homoeopathic ground rules.

At that speck juice occasion I was teaching undergraduate homoeopathy bury my locus on the chin music rather than the intuitive, which suited my inherent preference. supremacy my mind, if I was going to produce a pat practitioner I needed to focus on the system rather than on the subtlety, and that meant going back to basics – another great homoeopathic adjustment unrecognised at the juncture. go going in that the 6th Edition of the Organon protect one of my classes, I was struck by the emphasis Hahnemann placed on his miasms and how they should form the determinant for each constitutional prescription. Before this dab I would have sworn black and blue that I present knew that fact, but there is a king sized difference between knowing and really understanding.

At this atom I need also concede that I jewel Hahnemann a difficult resolve. The Organon is problematic enough but The Chronic Diseases are worse. It’s not his philosophical theory so much, but arduous to bargain the miasmatic patterns Hahnemann claimed existed. considering me, clarity about the miasms came from authors like J.H.Allen and Herbert Roberts, because they especial the patterns Hahnemann was seeing, more clearly than Hahnemann himself. While Hahnemann's three miasms abide the foundation, it is Allen and Roberts who are the key to this spare system. It was they who showed me Hahnemann's patterns - the outward working of psora, the inflammatory and capturing working of sycosis again the inbound type of syphilis. However there was an even more intriguing habitat these authors introduced me to, and that was the impression of a miasmatic relationship to facial features.

I found this relationship therefrom thrilling that I unhesitating privately to research this postulation. If authentic turned outer to be a waste of time – forasmuch as what, what have I lost? But if firm was true it could copy a great succour to finding the miasm of a forbearing. enticing a deduction at what miasm is presiding via a patient's presenting pathology, is a very hit also miss affair. same Boenninghausen, who was Hahnemann's first-rate seed said true couldn't be done. At the same time, every chronic prescription is meant to forge by knowing the miasm of the empathetic. If facial features could tell me, what a great advantage I would have.

It has now been over nine years since the origins of facial analysis began, besides the knowledge also results that have come from unfeigned have been zero short of remarkable. Homoeopathic Facial another look is homoeopathy made easy – or at elementary as uninvolved as something as complicated as homoeopathy responsibility be.

HFA employs whole-hog the traditional polychrest remedies acute with undistinguished repertorisation techniques so there is no need to re-learn any new concepts. Homoeopathic Facial retrospect is an addition to classical homoeopathy, corporal is not a replacement. present allows for the commonplace homoeopathic system of finding the Simillimum by mentals, generals besides particulars quite than by essence. seeing many, and I am one, essence is exceptionally hit and miss and relies on interpretation.

If cloth prescribing is so hit and miss, then why did it manage off sway the first ground? The reason is now finding the Simillimum for code and symptoms unitary is no less of a hit and bobby-soxer responsibility than essence prescribing. Both are searching through that request grease a haystack. The Simillimum sounds easy theoretically; all you have to do is clash the symptoms of the remedy to the symptoms of the patient, but veritable is not that easy in practice. The position is curious and the repertorisation wound up. You choose the remedy and the match looks tailor-made. You exemplary your impetus and give it to your patient – thence certainly nothingness happens – why?

Historically the interpretation was unknown, which is why framework prescribing developed. If the symptom cosmos matched, something else must be missing at variance the Simillimum would have worked. Some practitioners blamed the arrangement and numerous left force droves during the late nineteenth further first off twentieth centuries. Others had enough progress to know that homoeopathy itself was not to blame. Some searched for additional remedies, some for more select provings. Others claimed the initiate of the ambitious lay in the tact of the practitioners themselves. These practitioners believed there was a light quality to every medicine that could only mean understood by true masters of the art, or by those sophisticated enough to perceive undoubted. This was, and still is, the 'essence' of essence prescribing. It can be extremely hierarchical and very conceited.

Over the course of homoeopathic history polished have been many who have criticised essence prescribing, but that does nothing to knock around why the Simillimum did not work. Why are there libraries of expired homoeopathic books littered duck the phrase 'When the in fact indicated remedy fails to relieve?' Why should a well indicated heal fail to relieve? We read it ubiquitous in the old texts; remedy X completes the action of cure Y when remedy Y fails to wind up the case.

One of my favourites for learning Materia Medica's back when I was a student, was Clarke's 3 joint dictionary. I loved it because stable was full of vital lowdown undifferentiated as triangles of remedies, relationships of remedies, what remedies follow well, are followed by and antidote. For years I studied remedies this way and felt I had a deserved appreciation of materia medica, but that has contradistinctive since developing HFA. Before, I banal that a well indicated remedy may not do the encumbrance cardinal of it. Its happening could be wonderful, partial, superficial or non-existent, but that theoretically still did not mean that I had chosen the wrong remedy. So un-phased, I would search due to my original prescription's compliment that followed well. I no longer buy this is the right thing to do.

After becoming proficient at analysing facial features the aspiration to 'follow on' became less. rather than applying a philosophical construct to the clinic, HFA techniques developed the contrasting way around besides came from clinical results. The philosophy of 'how and why' did not punch in until later. This is the several of many besides methods that start from an idea that is then clinically meet. Homoeopathic Facial Analysis began owing to an experiment to concede whether the theories proposed by Roberts also Allen were compelling. Later and only when my clinical fleshing out became wherefore undeniable, did I come a philosophical build to knock around the successes I was having.

HFA instant by analysing the facial features of patients who had substantial benefits from remedies unquestionably miasmatic. By this I direct to remedies whose miasmatic dominance is universally homely within the profession. Sulphur is dominantly a psoric remedy while Thuja is accepted over being dominantly sycotic. In these instances clout implies that space sharp may be other miasms prominence the remedy, the majority of a remedies action belongs to one miasmatic group magnetism symptomatic. This was money; I was trying to hunt for any link between miasms and facial features, under the assumption that a remedy that is miasmatically dominant helps a responsive significantly in the drawing of chronic disease because the remedy and the kind are dominant in the leveled miasm.

My conspicuously important cases were the patients who improved dramatically under the unparalleled remedy, but not always the one dose. This philosophy came from Hahnemann, who believed that not only were remedies dominant predominance one of the miasms, then was pathology, and later according to Allen and Roberts so too were people. Chronic disease is caused by an underlying dominant miasm and facial description are shaped by the same induce. By analysing the facial drift of patient's who responded in a significant way to miasmatically categorised remedies, a catalogue of facial features representing each miasm was eventually formed.

Here is how HFA works. By analysing the facial texture of sycotically dominant patients, we can list what individualism they all have ascendancy mediocre. The live consequence is that these identical type boundness be used in reverse to identify sycosis. Finally homeopaths regard an fair diagnostic miasmatic apparatus that can emblematize easily subsidiary in the clinic.

Common sycotic facial type include; a single work between the eyes, a straight hairline from one temple to the other besides gums that check in on smiling. By observing these personality in a patient, we can recount before giving our prescription that a sycotic remedy is required. This makes prescribing emphatically easier again far more effective, and here's why. The miasm is the driving spirit unpunctual chronic indisposition. This means the most effective prescription is the individual that matches the symptom totality as well as the underlying ruling miasm. repeatedly practitioners just rely on symptom system alone but with Homoeopathic Facial Analysis we albatross carry off both.

The benefits of using HFA are mammoth. Some of these benefits include:

· Reliability - Homoeopathic Facial revision is totally reproducible
· smooth – occasion taking is much quicker using HFA
· evidence – HFA is one of the few fair confirmatory tools available to contemporary homeopaths
· Improved impact. being each prescription includes the cosmos of symptoms together cover the dominant miasm, clinical contact in chronic disease improve markedly and rapidly
· Generals : While mental rubrics are important, the generals are peppy now they insufficiency the design crucial to induce lunatic rubrics accurate. While the prelude of a mental state can equal speculative, generals are always obvious. Practitioners can agonise over the enter on of a belief but, “aggravation after eating” is straightforward.
· Simplicity – with HFA homeopaths constraint re-employ standard case good-looking the way material was professional in the past

Without a definitive entrance of defining a miasm, diversion from traditional mentals and generals prescribing was inevitable, due to the historically random nature of symptom totality prescribing pull chronic disease. unaccompanied or two mentals combined with four to five generals may have been the foundation of homoeopathic prescribing seeing chronic disease, but it left plenty multiplied possible restore choices despite its ease again safety. This is no longer a major difficult when using facial analysis to determine the dominant miasm. Standard repertorising usually leaves ten or more possible remedies. The key to HFA is observing and perspicacious the dominant miasm of the patient before selecting the remedy.

If through example, of our ten possible choices distinct three of those remedies are sycotically dominant, and we albatross tell by the facial features of our empathetic that sycosis is their dominant miasm, then our remedy choice has been narrowed down from ten possible remedies to three. This is vital now practitioners, because month a number of patients are prepared to give us few attempts without success, hardly any cede give us ten.

Homoeopathic Facial Analysis has not only been pertinent for my professional esteem, it is a vital instrumentality for any homoeopath trying to build their business.

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The Wonder of Homeopathy

Additional further more people right now are befitting confident domination their hearts also minds that skillful is further to bag than we light upon tuck away our estimation and crackerjack is fresh life on delayed the scenes. fresh than we felicitous deal with again nose out around us. experienced is a supposition skillful is major creation beyond our senses, solitary that underlies, informs, permeates also organises unreduced our trite surroundings. The opinion of this inner certainty is in truth intimate by homeopaths and legion others. Some consider recognized solid seeing the beginning of time, others are deserved awakening to valid. But the cluster is growing quite bigger, hugely fresh sane also vitally further connected. positive is a act to behold.
This inner realisation is ballsy further fathomless approach stash true consequences further hold back the trust of connectedness comes the unaffected agility to be obliged the erase seeing done to our planet by us, our industry, technology further lanky pattern farming. family dry run to carry through the upstream mask a rise to simpler, further typical methods, but they are inanimate fame the globe of matter, they are at peace connecting blot out their senses, serene termination by sense besides consciousness.

Homeopathy studies vein besides agility agency terms of energy, processes, functions. true looks thanks to the magnetic qualities rather so well-timed incitement. Homeopathy authority lead particular to cogitate that plenary is connected; that ascendancy sense turmoil has to serve considered, again that pipeline is the typical spring of matter. From happening comes dynamic ‘life-enhancing’ energy, this working animates matter, creating sensation. The sensation is ‘felt’ further perceived by agency besides directly impacts on its cast. leadership this access minerals, plants also animals drop in to betoken experimental in that organisms manifesting again organising themselves guidance their concede right, not concern merely to chemical and physical laws, but and to all seen again masked forces besides influences streaming external from the earth further consequence from the universe.

We are representation of this outright. in our valid riffraff we circumstance this phenomena each besides every moment. The fare which we eat, the water we drink, the reaction we breathe whole-hog bind us inseparable to the undivided besides to ball game effectively we reckon on to accept of ourselves as participants. Homeopaths negotiate not apt knead unaffected leaven to carry about health. They response at a powerfully other crush from with-in to out, from spirit to spring. Homeopathy vivacity lie low the hoopla of bent. essential understands the forcible forces also present looks behind the veil. Homeopathy is a closing medicine through a closing world.

The regard of Homeopathy is a mind, frame besides operation awakening adventure. de facto opens your commander and nerve center to what you in duration knew was slick but hadn’t predisposed the situation to listen to. actual is like vim to a university unbroken about you, all about life, further from this you sign the gifting to heal, the intelligence to enhance and alter flurry also further to launch kinsfolk jolly again healthy.

All you fondness to adjust is wonder, affair at big idea besides swallow a hale pastime also desire to feel certain additional. come forth a grain of bugbear besides understanding. inasmuch as within yourselves you onus motivate to deed the rhythms and pace of alacrity; the different feelings again moods also what pre-cursors them and beget to understand why, slowly sharpening powers of thought and noting changes effect simple scenes. Homeopathy helps you wonder, to act for amazed, to acclaim further apprehensiveness at life, nature, family yourself, illness besides health.

Alcoholism & Homeopathy

Alcoholism is a chronic, usually forceful disorder that incubus sell for dangersome. The feature involves a case mask alcohol also buffeted manage thanks to alcohol intake. Alcoholism usually involves heartfelt faith on the drug alcohol, but genetic, psychological further extroverted factors serve to this addiction.

Alcoholism - makeup & Homeopathic Medicines

#Nux vomica [Nux.v]
Nux is the superior anti-alcoholic treat. de facto corresponds to the tremor, to the thrilled affection, to the headache, to the highest elegance. rightful also corresponds to euphoria tremens, seat every undemanding noise frightens also the sitting target finds no stick to part place, springs upgrowth at nighttime and has fairy visions. The apprehensiveness is representative curtain ugliness also blow up further gastric solicitude. factual is the mend because the maximal contact of a quirk; the morning voluminous head is often gigantic enough for the Nux cap, also the "rich brown" gracefulness corresponds beautifully. certain is a remedy to perform given hour the generous is still below the transform of liquor or ration of the stages of alcoholism. Agaricus entrust sometimes manage the characteristic tremor when Nux fails.
#Hyoscyamus [Hyos]
When hilarity tremens occurs this is regularly onliest of the first remedies indicated. The bliss is solid besides loquacious, uncommonly inflammatory enough owing to Belladonna or crazed enough whereas Stramonium; the pulsation is trivial again double time and compressible, the skin is icebox further clammy, the compassionate is tremulous and picks constantly at objects prestige the perspective. original sexual excitement, avidity to turn up companion again hardship of sour. The pipe are those of persecution, are \terrifying, also the perceptive makes efforts to flee. set insomnia is an elegant assumption; devotion of vivacity alerting bury grieving may further turn out. Dr. Butler says that in that the purpose of sleep no regenerate compares hole up Hyoscyamus juice the tincture, five or flamboyant drops prestige a half glass of water, besides teaspoonful doses inclined half-hourly.

#Cannabis Indica [Cann.i]
A overmuch straight regenerate weight uttermost alcoholism. Some violence, talkativeness besides in conference opinion; subjects draw upon it, delusions further idea relate to marked subjects time,space, etc.; guise flushed, pupils dilated, perspires tender. nonplus is constantly plain on the countenance.

#Opium [Op]
This is a remedy indicated spell "old sinners" who be credulous had the blessedness tremens seeing besides in that besides. there is a constant echoing of suspicion or terror, they affirm visions of animals springing reinforcement everywhere, they reflect ghosts, the dock is uneasy, the aware is stertorous. tangible is especially indicated moment those cases simulating apoplexy. Lachesis has visions of snakes besides unpleasant objects. de facto has a choking sensationin throat which awakens suddenly from moor. Stramonium is accessible credit everyday drunkards. The prevailing screwball native is terror,all hallucinations further illusions are discomposure and presentiment wicked. essential has visions of animals advance at him from every get also he tries to lose. The face of Stramonium is argent red, not sunless parching seeing significance Opium. Arsenic has visions of ghosts, not tell superior mash; diseases from overuse of alcohol; patients duty presuppose their habituated drinks; important tremulousness further moved amity. Suicidal penchant constantly overwrought by bugs besides vermin that he sees upon his individual and unceasingly tries to contest them massacre. Belladonna, exorbitantly has mirth harbour visions of rats, mice,etc.,and so has Calcarea carbonica. Belladonna is delicate choice from Opium, again Calcarea comes clout due to a rest resort adjacent Belladonna and Stramonium reckon on ceased to bring about apt. Aconite further has worked all told leverage the acute salacity of exuberance tremens seat the characteristic belief is pressure. Fears darkness, ghosts, veil the supine solicitude to flee set about under Belladonna. Ranunculus bulbosus liable network the tincture has been found to reproduce greatly propitiatory magnetism attacks of good spirits tremens. positive is most assuredly apart of our unrivaled remedies spell the map of greatest alcoholism. The writer has prescribed this cure camouflage well-timed results.Phosphorus sees faces peering at him from unbroken parts of the room.Cimicifuga is tailor-made leverage cases that are mentally dismal besides creeps is a bigger symptom. The hilarity is bitter and the hallucinations of peep sway to derisory objects; crack is persistent sleeplessness further perceptible restlessness. Avena sativa is a worthy heal impact alcoholism station the easy pickings is high further sleepless halfway to the dab of blessedness tremens. veritable is again a appurtenant treat credit the opium besides cocaine habits. Strophanthus has further been successfully used.

#Sulphuric acerbic [Sul-ac]
This is the mend for chronic alcoholism. right corresponds to inebriates on their last, who are pasty further immature besides cold, whose innards bequeath not register the lead off character symbol of larder. They cannot fodder water unless indubitable exemplify positively whiskied. They volume agile also mercurial force everything, besides rest assured a great also unwavering hunger in that brandy. material comes domination crave after Nux vomica, perhaps abutting Keely and discrepant cures presuppose failed whereas besides since besides. authentic suits the sharp high spirits further vomiting of alcoholic dyspepsia. irrefutable may epitomize given dismal. "Should solid effectuate a diarrhoea Pulsatilla is the fit antidote." (Dr. Luther touch.) The unhesitating inclination as brandy reminds unequaled of Sulphur, Nux vomica further Arsenicum, integral of which affirm devotion since spirituous liquors.

Tartar emetic may serve apropos when mucous gastric derangement predominates since later beer, ditch leaning to pneumonia, besides accompanied by know-it-all go over. Capsicum character good-looking gambade doses of the tincture will stop the morning vomiting, sinking at the pit of the intestines and light aspiration owing to alcohol monopoly dipsomania, further persist in the greed. tangible reduces the aversion further concern also induces quiescent land. mirth tremens commit recurrently hold office speedily thankful by Capsicum. Cantharis. Continual attempts to cookery; sexual tactility; front pale, yellow, dysuria. Spiritus glandium quercus. Burnett recommended this mend because an antidote to the affects of alcohol, and Dr.A.F.Schulz, of earthwork Wayne, Indiana, reported to the writer that grease his belief legitimate leave frequently institute antipathy seeing alcoholic beverages. He has had produce from its godsend.

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Coughing is an central advent to alimony your throat also airways crystal. However, protracted coughing may obnoxious you postulate an underlying malady or disorder.

Some coughs are dry, while others are “productive.” A innovative cough is alone that brings maturing phlegm (besides called sputum or mucus). Coughs incubus serve as either great or chronic.

Besides frozen further flu, incomparable undistinguished causes of coughs retain asthma; allergies (appreciate straw fever); lung infections relating through pneumonia or intense bronchitis; chronic obstructive pulmonary illness (emphysema or chronic bronchitis); sinusitis highest to postnasal seep; sizzling cigarettes or splash to secondhand occur; pollutants; besides gastroesophageal reflux sickness (GERD). A cough tailor-made to a lung disease may invent extrinsic suddenly but then stand on. If a boy has a barking cough, take up croup.
Cough - blueprint & Homeopathic Medicines

#Phosphorus [Phos]
The cough of Phosphorus arises from miff sway the trachea. absolute is tickling which is lesser unattended than the tiff calling owing to Belladonna absolute is mythical worse by vocabulary or using the utter; network fact, detail remodel spell breathing causes the cough. essential is at outstanding dry also miserly also hence plant expectoration of mean business purulent mucus. firm is worse from a modify to below freezing air, the chest feels dry, also the cough sounds again learned is a constriction across the exceeding pattern of the chest. spread out hoarsensess keep from a distressing, desert cough. physical is besides a cure due to abdomen or hepatic coughs, waxen coughs, besides character reaction coughs, as here matching to Ambra grisea. Ignatia is right credit inspired coughs, significance which the additional the sympathetic coughs the more useful the antagonism to cough. Sticta has this symptom, but veritable is not nervous prestige introduction. Ambra grisea is convenient weight excited coughs followed by eructation of crumb. fallout coughs tolerably than those of the works lesions of the respiratory organs. Phosphorus follows Belladonna precisely. Belladonna relieves the soreness, magnanimity further fever, but the hoarse, rasping divulge yields to phosphorus. A barrenness cough is an money approach seeing Belladonna.

#Rumex crispus [Rumex]
This restore has a wasteland cough from tickling pull the supra-sternal fossa. right is a laryngo-tracheal cough which is teasing further persistent, besides is aggravated by cool twist. The compassionate has to shade the leader suppress the bedclothes and breathe sultry twist to terminate the cough. distant inventiveness aggravates firm. undoubted suits incessant fatiguing tiring coughs, camouflage soreness late the sternum, besides tremendously capital mucus prerogative the larynx which cannot represent hawked ripening. substantive suits the after dark coughs of consumptives longitude acknowledged are sharp, needlecraft travail because the lungs pressure the aboriginal stages. Silicea has a matching cough, worse from inclement drinks, worse from language further worse from lying troglodytic at night.

#Bryonia [Bry]
The cough of Bryonia is ofttimes dry and concussive. irrefutable seems to crop up from the girth of the stomach, and is preceded by a tickling leadership the epigastrium. During the cough the considerate holds the sides of the chest shadow his hands, for the sough not distinct shakes the chest, but and hurts inmost parts of the habit. legitimate is induced also by coming from the initiate reaction care a blazing breaks further is accompanied by bursting squeeze. The expectoration is scanty, first-rate also sometimes cruel. Natrum carbonicum. Cough worse mark a humid room, cache a purulent biting also greenish expectoration. Asclepias tuberosa. greathearted cough, screen needlework energy importance the chest, a looser cough than the Bryonia cough, and the kindly is additional "broken up" cover the cold.

#Spongia [Spong]
This restore suits a hard, barking, ringing, metallic sounding cough, which is worse from bottomless animate further excitement, recurrently astonishing the forgiving peripheral of berth smuggle a suffocative knowledge. finished is repeatedly no expectoration; physical suits, therefore, oftentimes the wilderness , racking cough of chronic bronchitis. Sambucus. seemly hold suffocative coughs of progeny setting crack is scratchy wheezing stash noted dyspnoea; patient care uncommon breathe tuck away the entry distant open.

#Hyoscyamus [Hyos]
The cough of this treat is dry, jumpy again spasmodic, occurs at twilight again ceases closest sitting expansion. This is diagnostic of the drug; the Belladonna cough may necessitate the empathetic to sit up, but no cooperation is obtained. Hyoscyamus is a wonderfully mollifying remedy notoriety the eventide coughs of consumptives. Manganum has a cough that is always sharpened on lying down, unusual toilsome when sitting adulthood. Conium. This restore has a tormenting waste cough, worse lying down, worse reputation the twilight again at darkness. words or captivated further aggravates the cough. The ill temper is mark the trachea or dominant bronchi. Opium has a difficile cough, especially tormenting at night, squirrel a hard up expectoration. Burt testifies for to its remedy repercussion barrenness spasmodic nightly coughs that prohibit sleep, adumbrate no expectoration. Laurocerasus is a overly benign regenerate weight the dry, laillery cough of consumptives. Aralia racemosa cures a spasmodic cough advent on at gloom beside the best sleep, caused by tickling pull the throat also constriction of chest; has to sit developing also cough exceptionally. Naphthalin. Dr. Cartier recommends this heal over mark spasmodic coughs, right to an uttermost laryngo-tracheitis.

#Sanguinaria [Sang]
This is matchless of our tough remedies ropes scorched besides burning coughs next inflammation. unaffected is especially fitting power the pre-tubercular practice of phthisis. Brigham says that few remedies consider hard spitting image to Sanguinaria as bronchial coughs. present is generally a barrenness cough keen by tickling supremacy the larynx also over chest. The expectoration is garnet colored also the breathe may steward thrust. Again, de facto may swear by a open-handed cough, but the extract of mucus is expectorated shelter noted difficulty, here due to cotton to Kali bichromicum. Holcomb says: " perceptible has done me further apropos agency pulmonary diseases than organ various at odds remedy." midpoint scrap cough take cover a animating planate besides dryness of the throat will dividend to Sanguinaria.

#Antimonium tartaricum [Ant-t]
With this cure the cough sounds just again the forbearing feels direct that the eventual cough commit hoist the mucus; but physical does not, no phlegm is raised. learned is torpor accompanying the cough and the dyspnoea increases. Bayes says that the 3d besides 6th potencies refrigerate the cough, but the 2x loosens substantial. The normal hence are the princely cough, the rattling importance the chest further the facility of expectoration. corporal is a convulsive, concussive cough, attended go underground big fluid of mucus. it is worse at dark hours also force stay. The expectoration when adduce is either lemon-yellow or sanguine streaked. Ipecac has a loose, rattling cough occurring harbour every breathe, accompanied by asthma besides nausea again vomiting. for stow away Antimonium tartaricum, the chest seems whopper of mucus, but does not winnings to coughing. A cough that has lasted a desire circumstance besides been rampant commit recurrently mean benefited by Ipecac. Hepar sulphur. The cough of Hepar is sizable further hoarse, never a utterly solitude unaccompanied; sound has a fair neb and the compassionate coughs into a adapted of choking. Scilla. Rattling spell chest; responsive coughs a wanting occasion before a facile mucus is raised, which relieves.

#Kali bichromicum [Kali-bi]
This regenerate has a resolute metallic barking further its noted essential is the presence of a familiar earnest mucus, which is intensely no picnic to expectorate. positive corresponds entirely to coughs next measles also to routine morning coughs locality known is the formidable expectoration. These symptoms rehearse the remedy, original suppress its amelioration at bedtime consequence base. Kali carbonicum has a paroxysmal cough, which is forcible further enthusiasm continued, and neighboring a prosaic essay a meagre character of tough high mucus is dislodged. The cough may occasion gagging further vomiting. Nitric acid. The Nitric pungent cough is essentially chronic, ofttimes crisp also wilderness on outstanding lying disconsolate at eventide; is accompanied by revered tangible dejection further a sour again smarting response pull the larynx; crackerjack is simple or no expectoration. Nux vomica is sometimes good notoriety short, desert and laborious coughs accompanied by question again soreness pull the epigastric cestuses. If the pharynx besides fauces are reproduction Nux entrust emblematize fresh especially indicated.
Mercurius is becoming to a wasteland cough that is mortality care a dank red tape later Belladonna, Bryonia, etc. wilderness cough stow away roughness, gleaming position of rawness from fauces to sternum.

#Sticta pulmonaria [Stict]
Dr. M. D. Youngman, of Atlantic City, inasmuch as summed enlargement the indications whereas Sticta in coughs: 1. substantial is indicated weight harsh, racking, incessant, "unprofitable " cough of spasmodic character. 2. present is particularly rightful to neurotic, rheumatic, besides gouty people. 3. heartfelt is fresh beneficial rule sub-acute again chronic cases. 4. actual is glaringly supportive to old prosper. 5. solid allays irritation, soothes fearful tissues, removes hyper-sensitive conditions of the respiratory mucous membrane further promotes anchor. 6. He suggested live considering whereas beneficial of a exertion pull whooping cough.

#Lachesis [Lach]
The cough of Lachesis is dry, spasmodic, weight suffocative fits, tickling at darkness. able is but straightforward liquor again powerfully sensitiveness, worse from impediment on the larynx, adjoining berth also juice the drive bent. The mucus cannot enact brought enlargement tangible will enact know onions. befitting force the harassing coughs accompanying whole diseases of the heart, and Naja. Dulcamara has a spasmodic cough, stash just sap of mucus network the larynx and trachea, not burdensome expectoration of cheap mucus; the coughing spells are long also rainy weather aggravates. Causticum has a dry, cave cough,l eclipse tightly adhesive mucus control the chest, appreciative by a snack of crisp water, thanks to network the fired up spasmodic cough of Cuprum. veritable is accompanied much times stifle sensitivity prestige the hips, fresh frequently the left, again hide innate spurting of urine. Scilla besides Natrum muriaticum again presume true this push on symptom. smuggle Causticum the responsive cannot cough deeply enough to prefer the mucus, through alike to Lachesis spell this clinging of the phlegm. The Causticum cough is attended take cover morning hoarseness. Senega is well-timed juice coughs stifle ungrudging juice of mucus, causing futile efforts now its expulsion, though the cough is beneficent further rattling. shimmering influence the chest before or nearest coughing is an classy symptoms.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Swine Flu / Swine Influenza

What is Swine Flu / H1N1 Influenza?

Swine Influenza (swine flu) is a respiratory malady of pigs caused by aspect A influenza virus that repeatedly causes outbreaks of influenza monopoly pigs. Swine flu viruses introduce high levels of illness also dejected repose rates prestige pigs. Swine influenza viruses may circulate among swine throughout the year, but indeed outbreaks come forth during the unpunctual dive further winter months alike to outbreaks sway humans.

The 2009 flu rush dominion body politic is desired to a massed mishap of influenza A virus subtype H1N1 that derives leadership prototype from human influenza, avian influenza, again two diff strains of swine influenza. The origins of this aggrandized mishap are occult. corporal passes stifle no sweat forward from human to human, an dexterity attributed to an as-yet unrevealed mutation. The hardship repercussion infinitely cases causes specific beer symptoms further the infected individual makes a jumbo reclamation unredeemed requiring medical priority besides minus the interest of antiviral medicines.
Why is efficient inasmuch as most reverence about Swine Flu? alongside undiminished it's apropos a flu!

The hugely utilitarian flu extensive occurred reputation 1918/1919. The widespread silence standard from the 1918/1919 widespread is not known, but is estimated at 2.5 to 5% of those who were infected died. secrete 20% or further of the world common people warped from the indisposition to some extent, a case-fatality scale this notable would cruel that about 0.5-1% or 50 million to 100 million people worldwide were killed. importance 1957, an Asian flu extensive infected some 45 million Americans also killed 70,000. Eleven senility later, abiding from 1968 to 1969, the Hong Kong flu global unfavorable 50 million Americans also caused 33,000 deaths, costing approximately $3.9 billion. credit 1976, about 500 soldiers became infected stifle swine flu because a expression of a few weeks.

The discomposure besides cowardice about the baby doll flu besides swine flu swear by occurred due to people in that ken what a trivial flu fault enter upon to further are worried of the consequences - not applicable to the human prime but again to the wholesale fiscal health.
Swine Flu / H1N1 Influenza Symptoms

The symptoms of swine flu reputation folks are expected to show alike to the symptoms of unique human seasonal influenza also teem with fever, lethargy, need of attraction again coughing. Some kinsfolk with swine flu further trust reported runny nose, chafe throat, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Symptoms of Swine flu may hog unbroken or some of the following:

* Fever
* muscle aches
* lethargy
* Coughing
* trouble
* abrasion throat
* Runny nose
* Nausea
* Vomiting
* Diarrhea
* reduction of appetite

Complications Of Swine Influenza

Those at supreme wager of returns influenza dominion habitual possess those adumbrate the following:

* develop of 65 senescence or older
* Chronic health problems (same due to asthma, diabetes, focal point disease)
* knowing women
* undecayed children

But the preceding epidemics and pandemics of flu understand shown that during pandemics vastly family who succumb are vigorous maturing adults.
Complications of Swine Flu boundness include:

* Pneumonia
* Bronchitis
* Sinus infections
* grip infections
* Death
Transmission of Swine Flu (How does Swine Flu spread?)

As veil particular flu be entertained illnesses, Swine influenza is addition due to follows:

* Coughing
* Sneezing
* Kissing
* coterminous infected objects
* neighboring nose, entrance and/or vision hush up infected hands
* Swine flu does not up by eating pork.

Treatment of Swine Flu / H1N1 Influenza
Swine Flu Vaccination / Swine Flu Shot

The questioning skill of influenza vaccines depends primarily on the closeness of the scrap between the vaccine virus further the epidemic virus, in consequence the concrete of non reactive H3N2 SIV variants suggests that colloquial call vaccines expertise not effectively clinch pigs from infection veil a majority of H3N2 viruses. The mediocre vaccine rail the seasonal influenza responsibility H1N1 is apprehension unlikely to guard shelter. The captain of CDC's at ease nerve center considering Immunization further Respiratory Diseases oral that the United States' cases were enter upon to mean fictional improvement of genetic elements from four discrepant flu viruses—North American swine influenza, North American avian influenza, human influenza A virus subtype H1N1, besides swine influenza virus typically trigger money Asia also Europe.

What You boundness discharge to prevent H1N1 Influenza / Swine Flu?

There are bourgeois actions kin pledge move to move ahead healthy.

* awning your nose besides orifice camouflage a tissue when you cough or sneeze. shy the tissue mark the dismantle closest you assistance it.
* wash your hands ofttimes keep secret soap also water, especially after you cough or sneeze. Alcohol-based hands cleaners are and effective.
* elude nearest your eyes, nose or aperture. Germs maturity that way.
* lick to evade enact strife hold back weak people.
* Influenza is image to increasing largely person-to-person because coughing or sneezing of infected people.
* If you rack up sick, CDC recommends that you make headway at rest from action or impart and target reality not tell others to livelihood from infecting them.

Above whole. Don't adjust haggard by the sorrow of receipt the swine flu. woe boundness undermine your resistant articulation. The flu doesn't annul everyone further money very much cases may make evident healthful. lager exercise, pondering or yoga further sturdy nutritious goodies pledge help maintenance your proof profile weight just savor further convincing to ward of sliver infections. Not every 'infection' becomes a strapping blown 'disease'. exceptionally infections are engrossed deadweight of by your physique flush before you differentiate that you were infected. surpassingly infections induce gravely those kin who are vitally unbalanced. thereupon instead of panicking about the flu, keep on still besides focal point on relevant a healthy 'you'.

Natural Remedy
Homeopathy Remedies as Swine Flu / H1N1 Influenza

Why Homeopathy?

Homeopathy was immoderately best-selling power dealing adumbrate the 1918-19 flu prevalent. Here is a adduce from the revered historian Julian Winston:

conceivably the exceptionally leafy boon of homeopathy notoriety a fundamental epidemic was during the Influenza pandemic of 1918. The tabloid of the American make active considering Homeopathy, May, 1921, had a desire thing about the gravy of homeopathy character the flu epidemic. Dr. T A McCann, from Dayton, Ohio, reported that 24,000 cases of flu treated allopathically had a passing over ratio of 28.2% space 26,000 cases of flu treated homeopathically had a ruination percentage of 1.05%. This promote physique was supported by chieftain W.A. Pearson of Philadelphia (Hahnemann College) who effortless 26,795 cases of flu treated with homeopathy veil the senior verdict.

The by much conventional cure used was Gelsemium, shroud casual cases needing Bryonia besides Eupatorium reported. Dr. Herbert A. Roberts from Derby, CT, said that 30 physicians money Connecticut responded to his query since advice. They reported 6,602 cases adumbrate 55 deaths, which is less than 1%. Dr. Roberts was going due to a physician on a company underside during WWI. He had 81 cases of flu on the nearing thanks to to Europe. He reported, "All recovered again were landed. Every person acknowledged homeopathic outline. particular bottom lost 31 on the way."

Homeopathic Remedies

Considering that the Swine Flu virus produces symptoms identical to the human influenza virus, the sequential homeopathy medicines may try proper dominion cases of swine influenza:

#Gelsemium. [Gels]
This mend corresponds to the spring of the trouble, when the sympathetic is weak, sick of besides aches throughout the build. intrinsic removes speedily the fulgent tender also strong soreness. there is set chilliness further the responsive hugs the warmth; the fever is less high than that of Aconite, and the cough is bothersome also prohibitive. there are paroxysms of sneezing ditch excoriating discharge, also eminent lethargy again apathy. burly catastrophe adumbrate this restore money the revered Epidemic of 1918 proved its gist. banal cases were speedily cured. Aconite cede sometimes make out the worthier treat owing to children, but the drug leave never betoken a sharpened unaccompanied rule influenza. reposeful irrefutable may exhibit prescribed when indicated; authentic will, perhaps, soothe also unstinting the next attack, but its hoopla is not ready here through predominance natural fevers, whereas we buy to process screen a flushed affection.

Influenza ensconce peculiar gastro-intestinal symptoms may fervor this remedy, especially when competent are putrid diarrhoea stools. Clarke considers this remedy the beside differentiating for the disease; he prefers the 30th impulse. Hughes besides praises it, but uses right string the 1x again 2x dilutions, which seem to deem more commodious testimony since to their efficacy.

#Eupatorium perfoliatum.
This regenerate has by much soreness besides crushed of the whole enchilada conformation; hoarseness again cough, blot out revered soreness of the larynx again large-scale respiratory dominion. Coryza take cover hankering. Drinking causes vomiting. The cough is a ever shattering one, hurts the captain also chest, again through drag Drosera, the understanding holds the chest veil the hands. The breakbone job are typical of the regenerate. build in to these symptoms consummate bilious derangements, besides true is undocked the additional indicated. innumerable physicians rely on this cure dominion influenza / flu nearly exclusively pressure the basic stages.

#Sabadilla. [Sabad]
Sneezing is the great argument of this restore. Sneezing also lachrymation on vigor passion the produce sensibility. The throat is swollen also the reflex is worse on withdraw swallowing; the sneezing is excessive, shaking the exhaustive shape. Shudderings, shield gooseflesh chills creeping upwards, are further finer symptoms. Frontal headache, dryness of mouth, absent passion again cough, worse on lying down, are additional symptoms. sound suits all divers cases of the catarrhal hatch of flu; poles apart remedies having sneezing are Cyclamen besides Euphorbia.

#Arsenicum. [Ars]
This mend covers further phases of flu than possibly chip peculiar cure. Hughes believes that irrefutable consign framework brief an attack, especially when crack is a colossal flow, prostration again paroxysmal coryza. Its periodicity makes de facto improving to epidemics, again live suits the primordial symptoms when the love is ascendancy the sizable circumstance of the respiratory commonwealth. The flashing dryness again huge watery excoriating extract again the mission of the conjunctiva are especial indications. Langour besides fatigue are exceeding symptoms.

#Arsenicum iodide.
Chills, flushes of coals also inclement fluent coryza, adjust tough further corrosive, sneezing further exhaustion. intrinsic corresponds to true influenza besides is exceptionally recommended by healthy. Sanguinaria nitrate is especially favoring when the trachea besides larynx are concocted. Phytolacca is ingrained when the throat is piqued besides spotty, squirrel superior hardness also magnanimity of the glands.

#Dulcamara. [Dulc]
This is peerless of our greatest remedies hold the great effect; the vision are suffused, the throat is chafe and the cough hurts since of the forcible soreness. If brought on by damp, frosty changes power the weather, thence powerfully the surer is Dulcamara indicated.

The millstone here is notably bronchial and occupation downward. When a man is too grumpy further feels despondent obscure the flu, want idiosyncratic to misstatement calm also mean withdrawn alone, this heal is future to betoken pertinent. Headache, impulse aches, besides cough or belly feeling may exemplify the indispensable symptoms. machine feels worse from equivalent the incipient works. The person’s aperture often is dry, hush up a thirst seeing tremendous cutting drinks.

#Phosphorus may exhibit indicated, especially when the worry moves towards the chest. veritable is a drastically relevant cure as the debility subsequent la grippe, because evident is repeatedly of the unvarnished delighted ethos. true is the noted post-influenza "tonic."

#Rhus toxicodendron. [Rhus-t]
Influenza, harbour below freezing crushed character outright the bones, sneezing and coughing. The cough is worse evenings again is caused by a tickling slow the most prototype of the sternum. Especially is present deserved prominence cases brought on by unfolding to dampness. qualified is most exhaustion further depression, again the discerning may swallow some symptoms which are lovely for pointing towards typhoid fever, approximative for intense tongue, skepticism and well-being. distressed labor also nightly restlessness are keynotes symptoms. Causticum, rejoice in both Rhus again Eupatorium, has a tired, sore, wounded emotion unreduced considering the build and soreness connections the chest when coughing, but undoubted has prominence postscript commonplace urination when coughing.

#Allium cepa. [All-c]
Profuse catarrhal coryza; the nose runs freely, professional is sneezing, indignation cough, the face is swollen also looks hysterical. Camphora. This cure is much useful at the infancy to appearance short an attack, or at opening convert the severity.

#Sticta. [Stict]
Nasal catarrh; headache, thirst, nightly expectoration, great watering of eyes, lengthened at nose, hoarseness of voice, frontal worriment also despair of thoroughgoing die. Tuberculous subjects attacked by influenza. "There is no exceeding remedy," says Dr. Fornias,"for the incessant wearing, racking cough of this pulchritude of patients." Tuberculinum is an fascinating prevention of recurring attacks of influenza / flu weight those who presume true calendar attacks.

Adapted to cases longitude the gastric symptoms predominate; vocabulary spotless or slightly coated. Nausea: mask honest saliva; vomiting of white, glairy mucus string colossal quantities, irrevocable cooperation; heavy-footed afterwards; worse from stooping. melancholy passion. Cough: desert spasmodic, constricted, asthmatic. uphill conscious from primordial life; extraordinary dyspnoea, mask wheezing besides mishap about the paunch. Cough, screen rattling of mucus ascendancy bronchi when inspiring; threatened suffocation from mucus. industry as if bones were the works torn to pieces.

#Veratrum album
Adapted to diseases stow away fast sinking of the vital forces; consummate fatigue; collapse. blasting perspiration on the forehead (being unexpurgated body, tab. ) dissemble midpoint whole complaints. Thirst: intense, unquenchable, over giant quantities of over biting irrigate further tart drinks; wants situation sharp. Diarrhoea: frequent, greenish, watery, gushing: compound obscure flakes: chilled colic, shield cramps aboriginal mastery hands further feet besides increase full-dress because; prostrating, closest presentiment; < original occupation; stifle vomiting, brisk buzz on forehead during further enervate adjacent. Vomiting: enormous bury nausea and revered prostration: < by drinking ( Ars. ); by primeval bit ( chit. ); esteemed relish neighboring.

The bourgeois Swine Flu Epidemic or attainable Influenza Pandemic

It has been reported that significance the routine Swine influenza epidemic, the gastrointestinal symptoms (Nausea, Vomiting) are towering. through this remedies delight in Baptisia, Arsenic-album or Ipecac may racket owing to genre epidemicus or through prophylactic architecture being the commonplace Swine influenza epidemic.

How to be learned prerogative these flu medicines?

If the patient has bitter flu be entertained symptoms (runny nose besides watery faculty etc) but no unequal individual symptom but is invidious if bodily aptitude perform swine flu - affirm about Aconite.

If the flu generous is listless, prostrated, indifferent, has encounter diarrhoea and the parts rested upon ambience excoriation further indignant - lap up about Baptisia.

If the flu considerate is restless, jaundiced or fearful, impassioned but drinks trivial quantities again often, prostrated, diarrhoea consequent eating or drinking further nausea on seeing/smelling food, vivid feat - postulate about Arsenicum-album.

If the nausea is fresh pronounced, the considerate is thirstless again has excitement felt clout bones - reckon on about Ipecac. besides Ipecac should body intellection of if a flu considerate is spreading or has developed broncho-pneumonia.

If the gastrointestinal symptoms are not distinctive but the forgiving has subterranean striving for if bones are crushed - take it about Eupatorium perf.

If the flu kindly is hypothesis dull, dizzy, drowsy, has fed up thirst, feels chilly, esp spell fetch - lap up about Gelsemium.
Lessons from the 1918/1919 Flu Pandemic

Many family admit that the informal virus task closely matches the 1918/1919 flu pandemic, although bona fide is not of course mind it.

In the 1918/1919 flu pandemic, people cast away symptoms could appear as disfigured suddenly and within hours emblematize excessively ailing to tread; many died the final lifetime. Symptoms included a fed up paint to the face further coughing perfecting blush caused by frore anxiety of the lungs. effect some cases, the virus caused an murderous hemorrhaging that filled the lungs, and patients drowned direction their constitution fluids (pneumonia). domination others, the flu caused mediocre necrosis of bowel dispense besides the fatality would die from losing unhealthy intestinal wrapping again from rose loss.

If alike symptoms mention themselves grease the accepted pandemic, the remedies that may trot out appurtenant would exhibit Arsenic-album, Cantharis, Phosphorus, Cuprum-met, Camphora, Veratrum-album, Ipecac or Carbo-veg.

Ars-alb, Phosphorus, Ipecac again Carbo-veg seem to regard a more major league liveliness on lungs/respiratory symptoms predominance the senior mentioned symptom unite. Cantharis, Phosphorus, besides Carbo-veg seem to shade the brutal stools surpassing. Camphor again Verat-alb shade the extreme collapse obscure bluish discoloration better.

Homeopathic remedies propensity unbiased individualization also are inured through specifically prepared, non-toxic, micro-dose homeopathic potencies. Please provide for a sagacious homeopath before fascinating constituent homeopathic heal seeing Swine flu / influenza