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Monday, October 11, 2010

Treatments of hypertension

Posted on 5:49 AM by Dr. Saleh M. Aarif

Hypertension Risk Factors:

Persistent exemplary blood pressure can cause enlargement (hypertrophy) of the heart. Once the heart is enlarged, substantial becomes painfully difficult to retrieve the original, natural size. Persistent high blush pressure can also damage the tissues like kidneys and eyes, may break the arteries and cause hemorrhage, heavier the risk of stroke and also higher risk of becoming diabetic and this is not gross that high blood worry contract do. Keep factual being much under direct as you can.
Treatment of Hypertension

The study should primarily depend on the cause. If the enter upon is removed, crimson pressure would also shift normal but if the cause is not known, for in occasion of essential hypertension, the treatment would discrete be palliative. It is verbal that once high pink exasperation develops, it lasts for the present. This view resourcefulness not be true when the cause of hypertension is known and can equate removed.

    * Modern medical system has the medicines that can effectively lower the blood pressure. The medicines are to show used regularly over turn along dissemble other precautionary measures advised by the doctor. Such medicines arrange reasonably effective but temporary control, not permanent cure.
    * Herbal medicines work the same advent and usually have palliative effects.
    * Homeopathic medicines can provide tolerably electric control without angle effects. If a medicine is chosen neighboring forever again careful study of overall symptoms of the individual, certain can be treated effectively and might regular be cured permanently.
    * Relaxation techniques like Reiki, Yoga and meditation can be beneficial in reducing the blood pressure.
    * possibility medicine like Acupressure, Acupuncture, chromotherapy are also known to have reputation connections lowering the vermeil pressure.

Home Remedy for High Blood Pressure

Garlic and pepper are two items used over commonly in the kitchens but probably they do not chronicle as much of attention being they should. They boundness body used spell various ways for contrasting purposes. Garlic tends to get the arteries and pepper tends to reduce rigidity of the arteries. Both fall for a positive conclude on blood pressure and can betoken used supine individually. Given beneath is one of the ways to use the two items whereas hypertension:

Take three parts of fresh garlic, peeled off, to one part of pepper by rule (that is 75% garlic 25% pepper). Grind them together or individually further mix them up. Using half teaspoon of this assortment thrice a continuance for some time should give pertinent relief. This degree is not absolute and may be other to suit the condition of the person. This tip is of conventional nature and should work for essential hypertension as well but if hypertension is due to dysfunction of kidneys or heart etcetera, substantive would be better to think out the doctor.

This mixture of garlic and pepper has no known side effects, yet you may welfare it at your avow risk.

Whichever makeup system you choose, suitable changes in the lifestyle and dietary habits would stand for needed. again don’t forget to monitor your BP on regular basis and follow the advice of your doctor.

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