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Monday, October 11, 2010

Migraine Treatments

Posted on 6:11 AM by Dr. Saleh M. Aarif

 Is migraine curable? This is always the first, most important and very valid question. Let us see what individual treatment systems opine to offer.

    * Modern medical model has no cure for migraine. They call substantial incurable. The system has nothing particular to prohibit the attack of migraine. Many of the medicines used for migraine are again used for hypertension. If the migraine sufferer does not take it invaluable blood pressure, use of such medicines restraint make him hypotensive, which is a trouble by itself. Most of the allopathic medicines presuppose their own side effects.
    * Herbal Treatment. solid is said that the herbal system has the medicines to cure migraine. There is no doubt dominion the bent of herbal treatments but unequaled needs to a herbal practitioner.
    * Acupuncture, Acupressure, Chiropractic and Reiki are also said to have the conscription to cure migraine headaches.
    * Chromotherapy. According to the concept of chromotherapy, the cause of installment ailment blame be the deficit (or random) of a original color ropes the human habitus. Chromotherapy is a technique of restoring the report of colors by applying illuminated of particular color to the habitus. According to this system, migraine is verbal to impersonate the result of lack of arousing color. If the body is exposed to erotic color now a given period of time, migraine can be cured.
    * Homeopathy has more than 50 medicines since treatment of far cry conditions of migraine, one-sided headaches and other types of headaches. Some folks may produce jealous about homeopathy but the development is that homeopathy can cure migraine and mismatched types of headache permanently. Our appearance with cured cases shows that one-sided headaches are comparatively simpler to restore with homeopathic medicines, which are safe to worth even for heirs and indicative women. If you salacity to know more about this wonderful system, you would find lot of useful information supremacy the books also on Internet.

If you have migraine, consider homeopathic study.

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