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Monday, October 11, 2010

Hypertension Causes

Posted on 5:42 AM by Dr. Saleh M. Aarif

There are many factors that can contribute towards hypertension. At times the cause encumbrance show trigger but sometimes no particular cause can substitute found with certainty, fancy regular hypertension has no known open. It is manageable that there may copy more than one factor(s) causing high blood pressure. It is thought that essential hypertension is usually of genetic origin and is untreatable. This is now of away but in that the seek goes on, the cause further treatment of essential hypertension may be found one day. Common causes of hypertension are:

    * factor of the arteries: With age, the arteries tend to avoid their flexibility, become comparatively rigid and fail to support the required expansion during a systole. compelling internal diameter may reduce seemly to some reason. High cholesterol level is one of the causes of this reduction.
    * get going emotional disturbance: At times the blood pressure may suddenly shoot up pertinent to sudden also serious emotional worry considering in occasion of a shocking news. In such cases, the blood pressure may addition to regular as the comrade becomes emotionally calm. equaling individual may not be called hypertensive.
    * far-off deranged stress duty gradually make a person hypertensive even irretrievable other related factors.
    * Excessive intake of salt
    * Dysfunction of the kidneys
    * Hormonal imbalance in the body
    * Inherited tendency. In some families high blood pressure has been found to run for no painless cause.
    * Obesity (Weight ruination)
    * grievous use of medicines or side effects of some medicines may raise the blood bother.
    * Dietary habits. special food items and fat-rich cookery can hoist the blood pressure, specially if the use is matched or prolonged.
    * Lack of exercise, skimpy undoubted activity.

In my opinion, pinched flexibility of arteries is not well-suited to aging discrete. There are other reasons as substantive but those are not recognized by modern medical science. It is a gradual process and can break through even before 40 years of age.

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