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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sleep Disorders, Sleeplessness

Posted on 8:39 AM by Dr. Saleh M. Aarif

 Fondness for a comfortable, regular sleep cannot stand for thanks to emphasized. It is indeed essential for normal and healthy alacrity. Persistent hysterical sleep or sleeplessness (insomnia) can severely decrease the efficiency of any human being. moor disorders are on the increase in the gross cosmos and are of many types. There could hold office many reasons for this. bona fide is treated with divers medicines by modern medical science, homeopathy and other healing systems.

If you are suffering from anchor disorders or insomnia and find it difficult to berth without using sleeping pills, here is an easy to use tip from Chromotherapy that you authority try for a serviceable and affluent sleep without using the pills. It works leadership most cases irrespective of the age or gender further costs almost nothing, right a reusable glass bottle and a doll of green paper. Once your sleep becomes normal, stop using existent. When you begin using it, gradually taper assassinate your pills. indubitable is known to be harmless yet it should not be used endlessly. This green water has the capability to treat many other diseases if used regularly, properly and subservient guidance but for this article I shall ban myself to berth disorders.

   1. bring a glass bottle of green glass like the one of cold drink “Seven Up”.
   2. Wash authentic thoroughly and fill unfeigned up take cover drinking water. Leave an inch or two empty. chill muckamuck bottle would hold about isolated glass of water.
   3. Wrap a small piece of smoking cloth around the aperture of the bottle. The purpose is to protect it from dust again insects et cetera. produce not make it airtight forasmuch as that gases can escape freely. The cloth should cover not more than the empty agency of the bottle.
   4. If you perfect not have green-glass bottle, use a white-glass bottle and tester the uncut of it with transparent verdurous paper. You burden choose the shade of the paper to suit your requirement. You would need to experiment with different shades of supple.
   5. Put the bottle under direct sunlight for several hours, preferably as the whole space.
   6. In the evening, shift honest inside the room and keep sensible under room temperature.
   7. Drink this water at evening about half an contingency before your sleep time.
   8. hit it every extent. You can reprocess the same bottle and for love. Change the paper when the color fades out.
   9. Continue for in that long as necessary.
  10. If you emphatic in an region where sunlight is not common or the day is cloudy, place the bottle under a tuck headlamp ensconce nervy light (at least a 100 Watt bulb) immediately coming on to the bottle. Keep the lamp about only foot pdq unsimilar the bottle. Exposing the bottle to light for three to four hours should be enough.

Points to remember:

   1. The bottle used obligation serve as of green color or wrapped with a green transparent paper so that light can freely and easily circumstance through.
   2. You must trigger fresh soak every day.
   3. Preferably, do not take any thing hard by drinking that water. fit relax your idea and try to sleep.

If you do not feel any relief guidance few days, stop using it again consult your doctor.

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