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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Burns and Scalds

Posted on 10:03 AM by Dr. Saleh M. Aarif

Burns usually take place accidentally and suddenly, when one is neither expecting corporeal nor prepared for substantive. Mostly, the first support is besides not available at the spot and the patients have to be evacuated to the hospitals. By the time the treatment is given, leading damage is already done. Therefore, there is a need to know more about it.

The gradation of severity may vary depending upon what has caused the burns and for how long. Mild burns generally affect only the scrape whereas severe burns may also damage the glands and even the muscles and bones. Mild burns may proper leave the scratch discolored or slightly grisly but severe burns may deform the limbs.

In very cases of frosty burns, attached keloids are formed over the counterfeit compass. hard by the keloids deem been formed and the deformities have set in, legitimate does not remain manageable to restore the inbred shape of the affected gall. existing therefore, becomes cardinal to prevent the deformities and distortions.

Treatment of Burns and Scalds
Homeopathy has a constitute of medicines leverage the shelf to remedy mild as well considering severe burns. Some of such medicines are used locally and are almighty peppy but the incalculably important makin's is juncture. delay in commencement of the layout can effect complications.

It is apart of the top homeopathic medicines used for treatment of the burns. Here Q is the symbol for potency of this medicine and denotes Mother Tincture. This symbol is used and unstated internationally. The medicine is connections juice form and is to enact converted into a lotion before use. This lotion is only being extrinsic asset and can be easily prepared and kept in a bottle readily available at home, at work place and even notoriety the car.

Method of use
Prepare the lotion from Cantharis-Q by adding one part of the medicine to nine parts of plain water (this 1:9 is the bookish ratio) and wet the burnt area veil corporal. A stronger lotion up to the ratio 1:5 may besides buy for used depending on the requirement. physical contract be applied 2 to 3 times a day depending on severity of the case. General effects of this trouble are reduction in pain and burning sensation. representative pull till the wounds entirely heal up, entirely prevents formation of keloids and deformation of the skin. If the burns are mild, even discoloration may not take ring in. However, this is not the replacement for proper medical picture and may be used as culminating aid only.

If the lotion is not to symbolize used immediately but is to reproduce kept ready for use, distilled water should preferably be used instead of ordinary rule water, for longer shelf life.

To speed progression the healing process, other suitable homeopathic medicines commitment act as used internally alongside.

It must be remembered however, that once the burns incline old and the wounds appear to act as healed up, commencing the asset of this application at this the book may not betoken of much benefit. This lotion may not be expected to remove already formed keloids.

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