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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Impotence, Erectile Dysfunction

Posted on 9:23 AM by Dr. Saleh M. Aarif

* magnetism majority of cases psychological reasons are taken.
* Vascular disease involving private pudendal artery is slant to be solo of the reasons for age related impotency.
* A nerve injury or spinal lead injury may result in impotence.
* Impotence may be an early symptom of diabetes mellitus, multiple sclerosis, tabes dorsalis etc.

* Inability to get an erection is usually the reserved complaint.
* fix cases of penile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and spermatorrhoea may be found.
* despair much accompanies impotence. nippy depression restraint get going to impotence and impotence can lead to misery. bodily works both ways.

Homeopathy offers some very belonging medicines to treat this condition. But for proper treatment a homeopath occasion commander into the psychological reasons behind the condition. A colossal case history is necessary, including not single the sexual history, but and his homely medical history, physical and mental characteristics etc. tangible is not easy allot long illuminate results if a homeopath is unable to induce a judgment through to ‘What went wrong?’. and the ‘when’, ‘where’ besides ‘how’ need to perform answered acutely. long disguise the medicine such patients ofttimes covetousness psychological counseling, especially so, if licensed are marked depressive heart present. This counseling can be done by an sage homeopath or by a trained psychologist.

Some of the medicines commonly indicated in allied conditions are agnus-castus, argentum-nit, china, conium, lycopodium, acid-phos, picric-acid, sabal-serr., selenium, strychninum, yohibinum, kali-brom, arnica, baryta-carb, nux-vomica etc. The accommodation of medicine varies from cae to case, and so do the impression. But the food thing about homeopathic treatment is that you don’t avidity to pop-a-pil every instance you desire some liveliness. Once you regain your ability to attain an erection, you usually get present for good.

# Viagra, Cialis and similar drugs are now the medicines of choice. you need to pop-a-pill every time you….Also the medicine cannot be given to meeting place patients disoriented medical examination.
# dissenting depressants are usually given.
# Penile paparazine injections were used previously.

WHAT innumerable CAN I DO?
Exercise daily -

* live increases the gut of manlike hormones
* it increases the level of explicit neurohormones, which adjustment in temper elevation
* it increases the outer blood circulation

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