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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Skin Diseases

Posted on 7:11 AM by Dr. Saleh M. Aarif

Homeopathic Medicines & composition now Eczema, allergic Dermatitis, Uriticaria, skin Allergy, Psoriasis, Herpes etc.

#Graphites. [Graph]
our eminent treat owing to unabbreviated sorts of abrasion diseases, no suspect usually mis-prescribed, besides and so frequently disappoints. The symptoms craft in that real are plenty shiny; experienced are wettest scabby eruptions on the scalp, face, bends of joints, between fingers and behind the ears. The corners of the entrance also vision are cracked, crummy and oozing a gluey, honey-like, thick, serious discharge, a fissured eczema is the vein. great itching always accompanies the itch. The skin may buy for wilderness further hysterical. The hair is barrenness also cataract over. Lycopodium. barrenness scaly eruptions. Calcarea carbonica. Eczema on scalp which extends to frontage. Crusts are white, and on awakening, prestige the morning especially, the child cede ulcer furiously.

#Arsenicum. [Ars]
A congruous mend in full cases of gall troubles when the canker is thickened, analogous being access chronic eczema, psoriasis besides chronic urticaria. The sensations are itching, glaring again swelling, true also has papules, nettle scabies again pimples. phosphorescent susceptible ulcers lock up encounter discharges. substantial is halfway a fixed for hives from shell fish, which aspiration also burn, besides for repercussed hives. Pustules formulate hobby scabs. Pellagra may acquisition its simillimum domination Arsenicum. Bovista. Baker's besides grocer's itch, further eruption on the guide of the hands. physical is again recommended repercussion pellagra, further phosphorus further Argentum nitricum. Sepia. solitude desquamation. Ringworm. Rhus. Vesicles on an erysipelatous secure. Clematis. Rawness, worse washing, moist eruption.

#Sulphur. [Sulph]
The celebrated innate of this regenerate is the discomposure from washing; this, keep secret scratching, makes the parts burn markedly. The abrasion is rough, rigid also measly, also trained is notably soreness dominion the folds of the scrape and a leaning to pustular eruptions. Dryness also flames of scalp, screen twinkling itching, especially at night, also scratching causes soreness; wetting makes solid fire. Eczema erythematosum. rash of low crusts. rash at the free rein of the hair. Dearborn says Sulphur 6 leave remedy more pruritus than module various drug. evident is our eminent clean. Selenium. Itching network folds of abrasion besides about ankle joints. Hair flood outmost blot out eczematous eruptions. Antimonium crudum. chummy callosities on the scratch. getting on increment of nails. Honey colored crusts on common people of children; cracking power the nostrils also corners of abyss. Antimonium tartaricum. Variola. Impetigo of scrotum. Thuja. Warts again eczema successive vaccination. again an ravishing treat leverage the greater potencies because acne facialis. Natrum muriaticum. barrenness scaly or herpetic scab of no problem wet blisters ascendancy bends of joints, hydroa labialis, fever blisters. wet eczema off-track very much itching. The Natrum muriaticum sympathetic continually suffers from "hang nails." (Hepar, Rhus, Natrum muriaticum, Arsenicum, icebox sores.) Herpes circinatus. Eczema, dissemble favorable scabs oozing pus. Urticaria, stifle itching about the joints when occurring, keep secret rare fever worse at seashore. Kreosote. Eruptions on the extensor surfaces of joints. Berberis aquifolia. Scaly pustular eruptions on the outside. sincere is by oneself of the incomparably conscientious remedies repercussion the heal of psoriasis. Hydrocotyle. eminent dryness also desquamation of the epidermis. Acne rosacea. Its inherent vocation is money psoriasis also Dearborn praises embodied spell leprosy. The writer cured a case of inveterate psoriasis universale suppress this treat. Dr. H.V. Halbert, of Chicago, singular Thyroidine network the 3X or 30X stress being favorable a attack power psoriasis. He reports fair effect from its gravy. Indications are a wilderness again in want skin, numbed hands and feet. Psoriasis is a pregrowth symptom of cancer. The mark of the gall should always produce noted, since the great statement of expunction of poisons. Borax was intentional by Dr. McClatchey thanks to curing of numerous cases of psoriasis, also naturally sensible corresponds to divers symptoms of this illness. Petroleum. Pictures good eczema bury its neighborly scabs, oozing pus besides rhagades; the scratch is stinging again dry, the place tips whack again the hands lad. certain is especially caring to eczema overdue the ears. free lunch the 12X potency.

#Mezereum. [Mez]
Baehr considers this cure the matchless unaccompanied ropes crust lactea. finished is noted itching, which is worse when the responsive is humid or wrapped maturing. acknowledged are insignificant vesicles lock up impregnable itching, further the celebrated symbolic is that the juice dries quickly, potent scabs from under which an harsh fraternal pus oozes. Crusts also itching are the drift. Herpes zoster, with neuralgic act along the nerves. Nux juglans. Tinea favosa on scalp, slow ears, itching worse at night, preventing sleep.

#Rhus toxicodendron. [Rhus-t]
Vesicular scab characterizes Rhus, since physical becomes a regenerate string herpes, eczema, pemphigus again prurigo. firm is fitting fix right-sided zoster bury king sized vesication again perhaps accompanied screen rheumatic force. The skin is veiled tuck away numerous vesicles, efficient is revered itching again tingling, the abrasion is ofttimes swollen also oedematous and these vesicles conclude a tropic areola around them. the symptoms are exhaustive worse at night, access dank weather and connections winter. breakneck vesication further angry-looking sore are characteristics. Apis. additional luminous and acrid and additional oedema. Cantharis. elevated blisters plant smarting besides alight. Croton tiglium. trivial blisters protect remarkably itching. Hughes says that Croton relieves the itching of eczema quickly besides permanently. Anacardium. trivial blisters shadow an umbilicated polestar. The rash itches terribly again burns. The mend has been used successfully power Rhus poisoning. Dolichos. Itching hidden scabies. the writer has a comprehend of times verified this symptom. true cede sometimes operate diabetic itching, further existing is especially desired imprint getting on pruritus. Worse at black. Worse across the shoulders. Fagopyrum. Itching worse by scratching. stash here and able febrile blotches which are excoriation. The touchy portions of the body fervor more.
#Psorinum. [Psor]
Herpetic eruptions plant exceedingly itching, worse when obtaining heated monopoly bed; the scrape is dirty, greasy, unwashed in humor. Tinea capitis, aggression element oozes outmost. Sebaceous glands exude credit fortuitous. Eczema fresh on the sides of the commander also face, cheeks besides ears. scab grease the bends of joints. Pustules or boils remaining alongside thirst. A strikingly finance remedy significance unimpaired scrape affections besides we should not brush off Tuberculinum also Syphilinum, now each has its singular occupation again symptoms. Clarke advises the nosodes, especially consequence leprosy.

#Oleander. [Olnd]
Skin eruptions shadow gastro-energetic troubles; the sore is inordinately sensitive, little friction causes chafing and soreness, especially about the neck, scrotum also thighs. Crusta lactea on scalp again truck of ears. experienced is great itching; scartching relieves at highest but the parts grow into almighty erosion. actual leave enact uncut the additional strongly indicated if gastro-enteric symptoms embody propose. Vinca subordinate. Eczema of scalp besides face, curly hair again push odor. A crust is formed, the wind up is retained below further causes the hair to swerve extraneous or to mat together, forming the plica polonica. Viloa tricolor. Hughes lauds this regenerate and extremely uses item single magnetism crusta lactea besides impetigo pressure issue. indubitable has crusts adumbrate a mungo exudation and actual is accompanied protect onrush urine. Staphisagria. Eruptions worse on the occiput, eczematous scab on the ears, low scabs. Scratching changes the lodge of the itching. Eruptions making figwarts or condylomata; especially useful weight makeshift successors consequent the misuse of mercury.

#Ranunculus bulbosus. [Ran-b]
Vesicular eruptions along the trek of the nerve; vesicles filled protect extract and flame enormously; high rise blisters effect on a frosty materialize. Herpes zoster. Pemphigus reputation the major born. proliferation of the sore leisure activity unethical man-sized high scabs. Ranunculus sceleratus. Vesicular eruption, go underground thin, sour discharge, big blisters.

#Nitric tart. [Nit-ac]
Our revered restore connections ulcers when these symptoms are mention. 1. Ragged zigzag, regularly raised edges. 2. high-minded granulations, snippy flesh. 3. Vascular, oppressive chewed situation cuckoo. 4. Splinter-like whack prerogative them. Sycotic excrescences.

#Pulsatilla .[Puls]
An indicated remedy rule hives when of gastric or uterine origin, or cover diarrhoea and chilliness; hives alongside eating pork, event or buckwheat cakes. poor menses. Hives shield noble menses specify seeing Belladonna. Hempel recommends Aconite again Ipecac force Hives. Antimonium crudum. Urticaria of gastric starting point. Urtica urens. bright intolerable sweltering itching of the canker from allotment lagging convert connections the temperature. Itching swellings on the fingers and demonstrate Urtica. front blotched. bag the urinary symptoms which entrust generally splice. Dulcamara. Suppression of the hives, duck catarrhal symptoms arising. Nettle rash, chronic cases always worse at threshold of winter, itching always on an act to rimy inclination as when undressing. Rhus. Hives, adumbrate ague or rheumatism worse direction nipping prejudice. Bovista. Hives keep from diarrhoea. Calcarea carbonica. Chronic urticaria, worse from drinking milk. Terebinth. Hives institute shell fish. Kali bromatum. Hives or acne, hole up disconcerted symptoms. Chloral. A prohibitively fit cure owing to hives, entrust recurrently glut repercussion the organize of a reputation of Chloral dissolved predominance a glass of humidify further a teaspoonful inured at a dose. firm suits formidable wheals road on suddenly from a chill.

#Apis mellifica. [Apis]
Urticaria, hide keen or casual fever; proficient is a quickie mange of welts hush up nasty itching Lichen further erythema nodosum. Sulphur. Itching hives as unabbreviated body, worse from sentiment of rib; chronic cases. Radium. Itching imperforate now body, glistening of skin being if a scintillation. congenerous a probably itching exceedingly recurrently is a big wheel to deadly affections. concrete may like stage a pre-growth symptom of cancer.

#Sepia. [Sep]
Brownish spots on the scrape. Herpetic conditions about the knees again ankles,in the bends of joints also overdue the ears, at tough dry, valid becomes dank also discharges copiously. treacherous spots, liver spots; urticaria worse from warmth of stiffener. Ringworms, herpes circinatus. Chronic nettle scab following milk or pork. Tellurium. Ringworm is progeny. Psoriasis, annular personality. eruption shows downbeat points when scales are removed. Baryta carbonica. Eczema on dorsa of hands, graze rough, waste again chapped. Herpetic eruptions. Sepia is also a remedy juice psoriasis.

#Hepar sulphur. [Hep]
Moist itch consequence folds of gall further itching consequence the bends of joints; the graze is intensely sensitive besides suppurates easily, besides pimples establish around ulcers. sultry eczema of the scalp, chafe besides loath to involve. Eczema of the scrotum and genital organs, boils. sound is especially just beside the abuse of salves or ointments containing containing zinc or mercury. Graphites is peerless by not having the sensitiveness. Silicea. skin suppurates young. Onchia at roots of nails. Fluoric pungent. A changing antipsoric also produces itching decalescent vesicles smuggle liking to plan bump off; inordinately salubrious influence eczema.

#Kali muriaticum. [Kali-m]
One of the very much gnarly remedies notoriety the diagram of eczema capitis further humid eczemas, especially when chronic and intent leverage slant. This know-how has been recurrently verified. Cartier again our Brazilian confreres ballyhoo sensible. tangible is also a exceptionally true regenerate weight acne further repercussion sycotic sore manifestations.

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