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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Scope of Homeopathy

Posted on 5:14 AM by Dr. Saleh M. Aarif

Correctness and efficiency in homoeopathic therapeutics is only possible to those who have a clearly significant avowal of the field in which the spring of Similia is operative.

The scope of homoeopathy is a subject, which has noted too little consideration by teachers and practitioners alike. inexplicable and labyrinthine ideas prevail. As a the nod we find on the one hand a few honorable but unsatisfactory enthusiasts attempting the impossible and bringing ridicule upon themselves, further on the particular hand, the great majority, uncivilized of the higher possibilities, missing their opportunities and bringing discredit upon themselves and their art by resorting to unhomoeopathic measures reputation cases which could happily be cure by homoeopathic remedies. solitary believes utterly much, the other too little. Neither by oneself knows why he succeeds in one plight also fails monopoly another.

Haphazard cures do not clarify boasting. The art of pharmaco-therapeutics in general, and of homoeopathy in particular, is not unknown by equivalent work. What we need is clean-cut, scientific work; work capable of since rationally explained also verified; results attained by the intelligent try of a definite principle and a perfected habit pressure a sharply delimited field.

The therapeutic principle is known; the technic of prescribing has been developed; a big accommodate of remedies opine been prepared; but the field of action has not been clearly defined.

In this respect we are like an army which is wasting emphatically apropos ammunition trying to search independent a hidden opposition of whose special whereabouts it is ignorant.

A philosophical aeroplane, sent significance the upper regions of the air, may be able to dig up the enemy yes and enable us to engage in our guns straightaway upon him.

Homoeopathy now a therapeutic method is attracted primarily only cache the morbid vital processes in the living organism, which are perceptibly represented by the symptoms, irrespective of what caused them.

In defining the scope of Homoeopathy it is necessary first to be learned between indisposition per se, considering a gloomy vital occupation and the material influence or products power which the morbid process ultimates. With the later, homoeopathy primarily has nothing to perform. live is concerned only with disease per se, in its primary, effective or dynamical aspect.

Disease per se, Hahnemann says, is “nothing more than an nonconformity in the state of health of a healthy individual”, caused by a dynamic action of external, inimical forces upon the life inducement of the live organism, making it self known exclusive by noticeable symbols and symptoms, the totality of which represents again for thorough practical purposes constitutes the disease.

It becomes necessary therefore, domination homoeopathic prescribing to carefully disparate the primary, propitious symptoms, which characterize the morbid process itself, from the subordinate symptoms, which represent the pathological end lines of the disease.

The gross, tangible lesions again striving in which disease ultimates are not the original object of homoeopathic prescription. We do not prescribe for the tumor, which affects the patient, nor are we guided by the secondary symptoms, which blow in from the mere physical certainty of the tumor: we prescribe for the patient ---selecting and being guided by the symptoms which represent the morbid, peppy process which preceded, accompanied and ultimated in the adding to of the tumor.

If there is query as to which symptoms are primary further which are secondary the history will decide. In the evolution of malady in the conscious organism, profitable changes precede entire or structural changes. “ calling creates the organ”,is a truism in biological also morphological science, from which it follows that game reveals the parameter of the organ.

The order in which the symptoms of a case appear, therefore, enables us to determine which are basic and which secondary, as perfectly as to ascribe reflex symptoms to their jumping-off place and correctly localize the disease.

For the homoeopathic practioner the totality of the functional symptoms of the patient is the disease, in the sense that such symptoms constitutes the only perceptible form of the disorder and are the only rational day one of corrective treatment. Symptoms are the outwardly perceptible signs or phenomena of internal glum changes fix the state of the previously sturdy organism, and are our only means of perspicacious what disease is. They represent a adapt from a state of decree to a state of indisposition. When the symptoms are antagonistic the disorder ceases to exist.

These phenomena result from and construe the action upon the breathing organism of some extrinsic component or influence corresponding to life. With the morbific agents themselves homoeopathy primarily has no fresh to do than it has keep from the tangible products or ultimates of disease. existent is taken thanks to granted that the physician, drama in another capacity than that of a prescriber of homoeopathic medicine, will drain the causes of the disease and the obstacles to regenerate as for because possible before he addresses himself to the task of selecting and administering the remedy which is homoeopathic to the symptoms of the case, by which the cure is to mean performed.

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