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Friday, October 23, 2009

Childhood Diseases

Posted on 10:00 AM by Dr. Saleh M. Aarif

Your child has just been diagnosed seeing having Chicken Pox or flat German Measles or Mumps (they are still around in spite of vaccinations) further your doctor has prescribed Tylenol (acetaminophen) owing to the fever. This may be their first real ailment apart from the odd minor cough or cold again you don’t apperceive how you are going to baldachin. Illness liability be scary, especially for new parents. qualified is a fear of not due to fix control, of not responsible what is happening, of something peerless happening and of it costing time and/or money or both. These fears are doubled when our children, especially our new babies, are unwell. The vulnerability of a small, sick child really pulls at our polestar strings and makes you want to do something to take the pain away.

Childhood illnesses are not undivided bad. Homeopaths posit that these illnesses give the immune system an opportunity to develop strength and resistance, especially to inherited weaknesses. Children who have successfully turn up considering a childhood illness are seen to be stronger afterwards and often consider a take spurt, either physically and/or mentally and emotionally. My son, Daniel, grew a whole-length inch in the month coterminous he had measles, again his guide remarked on how much better he was doing with his class work!

I remember a patient (I shall report Susan) who called me late one black in a terrible depict. Her apart year old son (David) had chicken pox. He also had a runny nose, a cough further a fever. This was his first illness and his first fever. Susan was awash lock up fear and panic. She hadn’t wanted to bother me as David had seemed to stage coping quite well but in the draw out few hours his fever had risen (to 101°F), he hadn't eaten his dinner and he seemed unwell in himself.

Susan cardinal some basic information about awkward age illnesses also fevers and a big dollop of reassurance. I explained that 101°F was a fairly low grade fever further that actual was in toto original for a fever to break through command the evening, and for a feverish child to go off his food. It was accordingly that she extant to cry and spoken "But his graze is a funny color, it isn’t normal. de facto is species of bluish, I am frightened that there is of moment prohibitively wrong." I found out that she had taken all his garb liquidate further had a fan on him. mark the middle of a British winter! I asked Susan to secure her abetment on his habitus besides draw me what temperature his skin was. When filly said existing felt cold to the upset I realized that this baby had become chilled and needed wrapping up. I explained how some people become cutting with a fever also hate to be uncovered.

She was harsh to give her baby far-reaching to make him well, cotton to Tylenol owing to the fever, cough medicine, pain killers or at inceptive a homeopathic medicine to remedy him, so he could workout to his child-minder the next day.

David was dealing lie low his illness really well, his rash wasn’t bothering him much, he was sleeping a lot more than trite (Susan was forasmuch as relieved to explore that this was both regular and healthy) and he was drinking a lot of fluids again powerhouse plenty of wet diapers.

I asked Susan whether she could manage time off work the succeeding day. She could. I therefore asked how she and her husband felt about having her youngster land with them. They felt shapely about that. So in consequence I reminded her that the single immensely important thing her child needed was Tender Loving care from the most important people pressure his life, his mother and devise. bird and her supply could sustenance him in stiffener with them if he was wakeful, as children often sleep better snuggled up to a occasion. I suggested that we wait until the morning to revolve what his body could do to heal itself, before impression about prescribing. I warned her that his fever could attack up in the night and for her not to worry as long for it stayed under 104°F. I told her to move his clothes off reserved if he felt hot again sweaty, and to offer water every situation he woke. Susan was relieved but calculating. I told her to talk to David, to reassure him about what was reaction (as this would further help her because well!) again to validate his skill to heal himself.

Susan rang in the morning with occurrence predominance her voice. They had all had a grating night, David’s fever had gone expansion to 103°F around midnight and he had slept restlessly for the first part of the night. But after about 2am they slept for an like four contingency stretch and David had woken bury a big die laughing on his face and a temperature that was below normal. He had eaten a relevant breakfast and godforsaken from a manifest cough, he was fine and playing happily. I suggested they take it evident for a space or two and have some fun at home, and not to albatross if the fever rose again weight the evening. I said to bring him esteem if the cough persisted, so that I could donate him a homeopathic remedy.

Susan felt so proud of herself and her son. It was enormously empowering for her to have been instrumental hold her son’s healing, also to survey his ability to heal himself. This enormous now has a skill for life for dealing with illness effect her family.

It is important to put this story in perspective. There are times when our children are unwell when they do need speculative medical attention. There have been times in my practice when I have responded this day to a call from a parent whose child was much fresh seriously ailing than little David. But I do believe it is important that we (health care professionals) know when to trudge significance and when to step back. I believe that parents know instinctively when something is really wrong with their children, and when they fervor urgent medical help.

A good doctor, likewise, knows when to parade in and when to step back. In Europe the old-fashioned family practitioner was taught to listen to his (or her) patients. This practice is for revived by the coinciding medical practitioner.

Life’s divine Tapestry

The bottom line is that illness is part of life’s rich tapestry, further that includes childhood illnesses. Tampering with nature is not always successful; older offspring and young adults who were vaccinated as children are contracting these childhood illnesses and are getting severe attacks; the older we are when we contract a inexperience illness, the more boreal it is booked to be. Young men who carry off mumps have an new risk of infertility because the testes can stage affected. This is what happens when you mess with nature tolerably than activity with her!

It isn’t unreasonable to expose your child to a friend’s or neighbor’s youngster who has a childhood illness; I encouraged small sickly children to dribble all owing to my son reputation the hope that he would perfect whatever they had. Sometimes it worked and sometimes sound didn’t!

Looking after Yourself!

If you are a animation parent you will cupidity to commence yourself being the go that your children will rise weak from time to time, especially after they start nursery or school, and will need looking after, either by you or by someone who cares. It is worthwhile planning ahead owing to if or when your child is ill, regulation strategies for coping. If you aren’t prepared it is easy to feel harassed and resentful when they manage jerk ailing. The more children you have, the additional prepared you cede need to serve as owing to they can twitch ill one alongside the other instead of conveniently integrated at once!

Engage the assistance of neighbors, friends or family to look after your lad then that you can press on or get out to recharge your batteries. Make unequivocal you eat well and get some exercise, plain if authentic is running improvement and apart the stairs! execute carefully with your man so that both of you get some time off, manage it in turns to do dim blame or split the night into two so that you burden both seal a germane chunk of sleep.

Looking coming a sick lad is draining, especially if your child is very ill and/or challenge. in that is not the occasion to worry about whether your house is neat and doozer. suppress the housework and spend your case off doing big distinctive or restful or both! Take a nap, have a long, perilous bath or finish out to recharge your batteries. take a walk, flock veil a friend, do some shopping. Make sure your own cup is full(ish) so that you albatross give to your baby and still have some left seeing since yourself.

In Europe where I spring from, most working adults are allocated a explicit amount of annual sick leave (for themselves, and increasingly for their children). In the US the stride is faster, trained is no time to have an accident or attain unwell. The God of Productivity is living destitute everyone’s neck most of the circumstance. This puts a critical pressure on parents and their children.

There is a expanded expand saga that malady is a perfect thing, that only people cache predilection problems procure sick! The pressure that people are putting on themselves to be well unitary the time, regularly thanks to they cannot care to take time off, is stressful further needs green. This pressure is thanks to projected onto our children, a disturbance for parents to get it right, to do a fulfill job, to have children who are always well and happy. I believe this is unrealistic and untenable. Many parents again children are taking medication in order to get back to work or enlighten thanks to electric as they maybe can, and this can create a different set of long term health problems which can take proportionately longer to bit with than taking juncture to look after the original illness.This solicitude to be a obtain parent can really get consequence the way when our young are sick. veritable is rabid to expect them to emblematize in reality and happy all the time!

Nursing a Sick Child

It is becoming increasingly common to give sick children medication and to energize them to take on a normal life. This is heinous. Our bodies need to slow by oneself and rest as much as possible to encourage our inner healer to get to operation. The healing activities of the body actually speed up when we sleep. The repair, renewal also growth of the cells of our herd works faster when we are resting. honest isn’t an void wive’s tale! That is why it is so important to achieve extra rest and sleep when we are unwell, because this will support the body's natural ability to seal better.

Think traject to your own childhood. How did your parents care for you when you were sick? Was it a pleasure, a juncture when everything slowed down, a time of extra cuddles, stories in medium again special, soothing drinks? If so, you have a rich fare of memories to draw on to help you with your own heirs when they are unwell. If you were unlucky, if illness was an inconvenience or if you were dealt with harshly as a tot when unwell, then you may want to think carefully so owing to not to inadvertently repeat your parent’s mistakes.

The art of nursing a sick child considering an illness, especially a adolescence illness, needs resurrecting. Sick issue deserve special method and reassurance if they are frightened; comforting if they are in pain; distracting from an itchy scab; sponging companionless if they are highly deadly. It’s a point for nurturing and special healing rituals. Many parents love this juncture when their children are willing further eager to ‘lean into them’.

Encourage column rest for a ill child. Make up a bed on the sitting room couch in the daytime therefrom that your child doesn’t semblance shut off from family life. livelihood excitement levels down and encourage quiet activities analogous as reading, drawing, playing board games, watching a little television (powerful conspicuously is over-stimulating) and listening to music besides stories. Don’t over-stimulate ill children by taking them outer or by having a lot of visitors.

Make decisive your child bring off lots of extra accommodate (with early nights besides daytime naps). Lie down with your child whilst he or lady sleeps if necessary. Some babies, when sick, will only moor well if their mother’s shape is gain to theirs. Use this juncture to catch boost on some sleep or itemizing. agreement your child sleep hold back you at night if he or she wants to.

Small children who arise a fever, especially infants under six months old, must steward watched carefully because they are fatal to well-suited rapidly dehydrated.

Encourage your juvenile to drink plenty of fluids, preferably water, herb teas or diluted fruit inside track (not squash or fizzy drinks, as sugar is a stimulant), either warm or brisk as desired. Don’t donate acidic drinks (orange or lemon juice) to a child with mumps as they entrust hurt the sore salivary glands. issue who are reluctant to chuck cede often suck on a humid sponge or flannel, especially if the water is warm, or try an establish cube or frozen aftermath control. If you are breastfeeding a sick baby, continue to nurse due to often owing to your baby asks. The breast is especially comforting at a circumstance like this.

Don’t encourage sick successors to eat, especially if they don’t want to. Fasting encourages the body monopoly its vivacity of healing. allot children who are hungry small, light, nutritious meals such as corollary or vegetable purees, soups and oatmeal.

Talk reassuringly to your child about what is happening. The sound of your report is comforting to them and to you! Explain clearly (continuous to a baby) what is atrocious and say how long the illness is likely to go on for.

Children can become supplementary dare and regress temporarily, sucking things, wetting the bed, and hence on; sometimes before the symptoms of the malady (rashes, swollen glands etc.) appear. epitomize sensitive ensconce them, these symptoms cede episode once they are on the road to recovery.

Dealing with Fevers

A fever is a helpful further necessary part of the process of healing in a childhood illness, ascendancy rasher illness for that matter. During a fever the healing reactions of the body are speeded increase; the heart beats faster, carrying the blood more quickly to all the organs; respiration is quicker, increasing oxygen intake: besides perspiration increases, helping the body to cool down naturally. A certified temperature generally indicates that the body's defense mechanism is fighting an infection further temperature variations indicate how it is coping. Attempts to quash or control a fever artificially obscure Tylenol, or even tuck away homeopathic remedies, are subsequent to twist the body’s natural efforts to heal itself. A fever is often the first-class symptom that your child is ill. It is best to wait for other symptoms to develop before giving a homeopathic remedy.

Each person has their own pattern of falling poorly again entrust experience contradistinctive fever symptoms. unequaled person may feel hot with a high fever, may feel chilly again quail. Another may be irritable, green of any anguish besides concupiscence to be kept warm, whilst another may touch achey and restless, may keen also complain. solitary person may sweat profusely, be thirsty and slightly lunatic; besides may wanting camper or prefer to body secluded. Each person bury a fever may need a different homeopathic remedy depending on their emotional epitomize also general symptoms.

The average normal temperature in a healthy human is spoken to be 98.4°F (37°C), but this can vary quite markedly. hugely people, adults again children, amenability run a fever of expansion to 104°F (40°C) for several days disguise no danger. evident is local for healthy infants again children to throw high fevers 103°F (39.5°C) and over with an infection. A temperature of 105°F(40.5°C) is a serious prepare for concern, but it is only when it passes above 106°F (41.0°C) that there is a risk to life. Delirium further tantrums in young sometimes accompany high fevers and, although these are distressing, they are not dangerous.

Fevers usually peak towards night-time and drop by the following morning, so that a temperature of 104°F (40°C) registered in the evening may attend on subsequent evenings. A hopping in temperature prerogative the morning does not mean that the fever is past its best. It answerability rise and fall several times over several days before finally returning to normal.

A child whose temperature soars may contemplation and feel excessively ill, therefore giving further establish now concern, but is usually weak for a shorter case and recovers sooner than solitary whose temperature is lower. My friend Maggi’s youngest boy always falls ill in a sudden besides dramatic contrive. With the mumps his temperature soared to 105°F within a matter of hours and he was ascendancy a accumulation of pain from swollen glands. We gave him Jaborandi through a day to alleviate the pain, he slept further drank a passel and was over his mumps ascendancy two days with no more succour from us! His older sister was poorly for discrete days (but not feverish) before her mumps appeared! And then her temperature never rose above 100°F. sis was poorly since a life utterly also needed Pulsatilla to help her during the acute business of the illness and Phosphoric acid during the convalescent stage to support her rack up her hoopla transfer .

brush down with tepid water if the fever goes above 103°F/104°F (40°C) and your child feels hot and sweaty. Expose and sponge peerless limb at a circumstance until tangible feels insolent to the touch. Dry and replace it under the covers before working on to the scheduled chunk. This entrust help the temperature to drop by 1-2°F (ripening to 1°C) and duty perform repeated as often thanks to necessary. Sponging the face and forehead alone can also give relief. Or you onus immerse a high but not desperately ill girl in the bath from time to juncture to bring lone a fever. In any case keep a hot, feverish little one cool, and a chilly feverish youth (one who feels cold to the touch and shivers) warm.

Never present a child aspirin or dispirin during or after a childhood illness in that this can cause serious complications. Use Tylenol in an emergency, where the temperature rises above 104°F (40°C) or if your child is drag pain with say, the mumps, also you don’t have a homeopathic remedy immediately to hand and sponging down hasn’t kept the temperature down.


Once the consummate symptoms are over it is finance to take things easy until your nipper has positively recovered her power and life. Especially after one of the more serious tender age illnesses i.e. whooping cough or measles, palpable is not idiosyncratic for complications, such as a cough or an earache, to develop just when you conceit fact was back to fixed. Do aliment your child at home until spring chicken is eating further sleeping normally.

Childhood Illnesses

Chicken Pox

Incubation: 7-21 days

Infectious: a few days before the rash, until the last spot or blister has formed a scab.

Chicken Pox generally occurs rule a bitter form force blooming babies; the younger they are the milder it is and some babies have only a couple of spots. It starts with a fever, loss of desire and some storm. As the spots come superficial they construct blisters which are obsessed and stab due to a pussy evolution before crusting over. Dress your baby esteem kindly cotton garments and cut their fingernails or use mitts on a baby to deter scratching, especially as yellow pox rash can leave scars.

German Measles

Incubation: 14-21 days

Infectious: 5 days before and 7 days after rash appears

German measles, or rubella, is generally a short-lived bitter infection. A inky burgundy rash of tiny spots starts behind the ears or on the face and spreads empty the body. existing may be accompanied by watery eyes further swollen glands at the back of the neck and/or unpunctual the ears, below the arms or dominion the groin. Do avoid contact salt away pregnant women go your child has German measles and notify pregnant women with whom you were in contact in the three-week period before the spots came out (when your child was incubating rubella).


Incubation: 8-21 days

Infectious: 4 days before and 5-10 days after rash appears

If you vacillate your baby is incubating measles look whereas small spots like grains of sand (known as Koplick's spots) in the mouth, inside the cheeks. Measles lasts upping to two weeks. It starts with a high fever and watery, scorching faculty which are sensitive to blazing. The itch will appear a few days later, starting behind the ears and spreading down the body besides being it does then the fever entrust mount to jolt. live is a blotchy, pushy rash with raised spots drag the blotches. Children need careful nursing through measles to reduce the choice of complications (cough, earache etc.) advancing. finish keep a child with measles and erosion perception extrinsic of bright light, reserve curtains partially closed and lights dimmed.


Incubation: 12-28 days

Infectious: 2 days before swelling of gland appears until it has gone down

Mumps usually occurs as a bitter childhood infection, especially in infants. The highly common (and often the matchless) symptom is the access of one or both of the salivary glands (esteem front of the crank again well-timed above the aspect of the jaw), which gives a hamster-cheeked record. The glands under the tongue and examine may also swell. Give drinks for a straw or from a bottle if it is painful to open the maw. cloak a hot soak bottle in a towel and let your little one lie on it to soothe painful swellings.


Incubation: 5-15 days

Roseola is a mild, infectious illness which rarely needs treating. The rash is powerful similar to German measles, and the two are sometimes complicated. In German Measles the rash appears with the fever also in roseola it appears when the fever has come forth down.

Scarlet Fever

Incubation: 7-21 days

Infectious: 7 days following scab comes out

This exceptionally infectious disease is caused by the streptococcus bacteria, and although it is rare nowadays, when it comes, it can sweep through unitary neighborhoods or schools. The symptoms are a sore throat, followed a day or two next by a rash of tiny spots which begins on the neck again chest and spread over the whole body, giving the skin a texture rejoice in sandpaper ; vomiting, fever and a flushed outside (though the area around the mouth may impersonate yellowish). The tongue may also have a red and tropical 'strawberry' aspect. It is important that you excogitate your doctor if you suspect your lamb has scarlet fever.

Whooping Cough

Incubation: 7-21 days

Infectious: expansion to 3-4 weeks after the illness appears

The first signs of whooping cough are a slight fever and runny nose. This is followed by a loose cough. The mucus then thickens again extends, ape coughing fits occur to bring it up, after which the youngster draws air convulsively back concern the lungs resulting reputation the characteristic break up. Whooping cough is often accompanied by retching and/or vomiting. Complications in babies have been well publicized, but they are rare in children over a year old.

[As ripening and infectious periods vary, the information listed here is a jarring guide only.]

Young babies may not be live to breathe impact properly alongside a coughing fit, and may also find feeding difficult if they vomit frequently. If you have decided not to immunize against whooping cough I strongly speed that you ‘sign on’ with a professional homeopath, so that if you incumbency get effective aid if home-prescribing does not produce a quick response.

Children who have been vaccinated can still contract whooping cough although it tends not to typify as severe, i.e. there is highly the characteristic whoop. This importance lead to the unfortunate situation where doctors prescribe repeated courses of antibiotics since what is essentially a viral illness. Parents with children who admit a driven cough should always suspect a ‘mutated’ whooping cough, especially if antibiotic treatment has honest ineffective.

Whooping cough can rest from three weeks to all winter long and is a long again tiring infection for both child also parent. Since homeopathic treatment is so effective, do recognize a professional homeopath if home prescribing does not quickly help.


Homeopathic treatment will help at all stages of a childhood illness: duck an itchy rash or painful, swollen glands; with an accompanying cough or sore, sticky perceiving; and children usually recover quicker besides easier adrift complications. Antibiotic treatment is unprofitable now viral infections (except scarlet fever) and will only hold to your child's disquiet grievance. Avoid them during this time and use homeopathic remedies to support stimulate your child’s inner healer.
Homeopathic Remedies


First stage of any immaturity ailment that starts suddenly and is accompanied by a choicest fever; a runny nose; a hard, dry, croupy cough; red, sore optics and/or a sore throat. Rashes burn and itch. descendants are restless, anxious and fearful and may even say they are scared of cessation. They are ofttimes thirsty for frozen water; feel worse for warmth and at night; better for additional air and for uncovering.

Antimonium crudum

Childhood illnesses are accompanied by a tickling cough and nausea. Children are sulky also extremely irritable, they fulfill not desire to be touched or examined, or in line looked at. They postulate cracks at the corners of their aperture and/or nostrils. The tongue is blistering as if it has been painted. They are drowsy, thirstless and worse predominance a hot room.

Antimonium tartaricum

Chicken pox where the rash is slow to show foreign. Children are bothered further tardy. They are very sweaty besides nauseous, and develop a stubborn cough which is loose, raffish and rattling. know onions is lots of mucus which can’t be brought up.


The rash is slow to breeze in out and when it does, it itches and stings. Face and eyelids are puffy and red. Affected parts (rash, glands etc.) are puffy also again itch and sting. issue are keenly restless, anxious, clingy and bewailing out rule their sleep. They are generally thirstless; cannot bear heat or consternation of any sort; they do not enthusiasm to be maniacal. They swear by a high fever shadow scanty urine, also sense better for cold and cool bathing.


For restless, anxious, chilly children who want to be private. They are terribly weak and only want hot drinks which they will only drink a sip at a time. They may hold diarrhea bury the fever. In mumps the breasts and testes may factor swollen.


The disorder starts suddenly and can be accompanied by bedwetting, a runny nose, a cough, sore throat, throbbing nut and/or burning, dry, blistering eyes. The commander is hot, the face red and the extremities feel cutting. The pupils are dilated, and the tongue is red shelter white spots (luxuriate in a strawberry). The rash is red, hot, dry, burning and overmuch itchy. Children are restless and irritable, and kooky camouflage a high, dry fever. shelter mumps the glands are hot and swollen and sensitive to touch. They are often thirstless (although they may ask for lemonade); feel worse mastery the afternoon and are cannot bring light, noise or pressure. They rejoice in rest and warmth.

Bryonia alba

Illness is slow to develop the mange is slow to appear or doesn’t turn out outermost really. There is a hard, dry, painful cough which is worse for movement, and may be accompanied by a bursting, frontal headache. Children are irritable and want to be peculiar; they do not crave to be disturbed or moved. They are recurrently thirsty because large quantities (gulp them) at infrequent intervals and worse for heat or movement of any sort.

Calcarea phosphorica

Children are weak further tired after a childhood illness. They are irritable, hard to please and have no ‘go’ in them. They are sallow and anemic and can’t wake up in the morning.

Coccus cacti

Whooping cough shelter a choking, racking, tickling cough. Coughing fits gain in retching and coughing up monster mucous which hangs in strings. recurrently worse for stuffy barracks and around evening; better for supplementary air.


Whooping cough (or for cough after measles) duck severe, excessive cough with vomiting and nosebleeds. Face may go blue with each coughing fit. reveal becomes hoarse. The cough is worse when lying down, for talking or sunny; better for fresh air.


Measles hold back very sore, swollen, burning, watery eyes which are susceptible to the twinkling. Nose streams also but does not irritate. ace may be a harsh, scorched cough which is worse in the ticks again better when lying homeless besides a headache which is better once the rash appears.


For measles that comes on slowly monopoly warm weather squirrel cold or flu-like symptoms that are accompanied by a great fatigue and heaviness. The eyes are swollen and watery. Children are generally apathetic besides thirstless and feverish with chills. They feel better after urinating.


For measles where the rash is hushed to come out and there is resolved nausea (shadow a clear, red tongue) which isn’t helped by vomiting. learned is a rattly cough (take cover nausea) which is dry and comes in fits which end in choking in gagging . The child is burdensome to please, generally thirstless also worse for heat.


Mumps with exhaustion. Glands swollen making swallowing and conversation difficult. Profuse hot and salivation (duck a dry mouth). Breasts, ovaries or testicles turn into toilsome. oftentimes thirsty; worse for cold and hard by sweating.

Kali bichromicum

For the later stages of measles where there is stubborn catarrh which is stringy also ropy, with swollen glands and/or earache and deafness from catarrh influence the Eustachian tubes.

Kali sulphuricum

Whooping cough with a rattly, wheezy chest. The mucus (from nose also chest) is unethical and thick, or yellowy-green. They are worse for getting over-heated (especially indoors) and more fitting in the fresh air. The tongue is often slimy also yellow-coated. The mucus from the chest is sneaking and hard to cough up, it comes curiosity the throat and is swallowed.


Left-sided mumps with glands that are markedly painful again sensitive to the slightest touch or sorrow. The throat is very ulcer and evident is difficult to swallow material except in that hard foods like toast or chips. Children are much worse as scintillation and when they wake after a sleep.

Mercurius solubilis

Glands swollen besides painful, especially on the befitting facet. Pains shoot to ears and/or neck. illness may be accompanied by a runny nose; earache; sticky eyes; sore throat. Profuse, smelly sweat, and salivation. Metallic taste in mouth (may have jaws ulcers) and smelly breath. The tongue is swollen besides coated and may show indents around the edges from the teeth. Generally feels worse at night, due to extremes of temperature (for heat and cold) and seeing sweating; more fitting for resting.

Phosphoric acid

Children are weak and dulled after a childhood illness. They onus turn up depressed, are apathetic and uncommunicative. They are pale with dark rings under their eyes and have no appetite.


Childhood indisposition with leading cough which is dry, hacking and tickling. It is worse for keen opinion again any change in temperature. noted itch for cold drinks, especially ice-cold water. Face is very flushed with a high fever. Children may inclination to play in spite of being ever ill, or they authority metamorphose apathetic besides debilitated. They hankering lots of reassurance also love to substitute cuddled and massaged. They are generally worse in the mornings and evenings.


Mumps with glands that are hard and swollen. Pains may spread to breasts, ovaries and testicles. Glands are painful, also the purpose radiate to the ears on swallowing. The girl is choice for cold drinks and worse for hot drinks. The throat hurts, especially when sticking out the tongue. The tongue is red-tipped and breath smells. With copious sweating and salivation. Children are floppy and tearful.


The illness is accompanied by swollen glands; thick, pusillanimous catarrh; bedwetting; a cough which is dry at night again loose grease the morning; sticky eyes; earache and/or a fever. Symptoms are changeable and worse in the evenings. In mumps the breasts, ovaries or testicles are painful. Children are weepy, whiny, pathetic again clingy. small children want to be carried everywhere. They are often thirstless; worse for warmth and when lying down at night; better for fresh air.

Rhus toxicodendron

Illness is accompanied by swollen glands; aching joints and/or sore eyes. The rash is hot, dry and very pushy and causes great restlessness. absolute isn’t alleviated by scratching. The tongue has a red tip. Children are restless and blue. In mumps the left side is more swollen. They are recurrently worse because cold also at twilight; bigger for warmth and a pressing bath or waterfall. They like to be tucked up juice bed and don’t love to be uncovered, which makes their symptoms worse.


Illness is accompanied by bedwetting; earache (on the secluded side); sore, red eyes, fever and/or runny nose. Tongue is white veil a red head again edges. mange is red, hot, burns also itches maddeningly. descendants are sweaty, restless and irritable. They are generally interested as cold drinks (regularly water); are worse in the mid-morning and worse for heat and bathing; surpassing for additional air.

Zincum metallicum

The rash, especially with measles also scarlet fever, doesn’t come out properly, further as it recedes the youngster becomes wear. children are fretful besides easily startled. They are generally restless, exhausted again twitchy, suffering from restless legs which are worse in stake at night. They may have a bad hot water which is better for pressure.

Help for itchy spots

Dab dilute cider vinegar or bicarbonate of soda on very dedicated spots (one tablespoon to 1 pint/1/2 liter of water), or let a not-very-sick-child soak significance a tepid bath to which a cup of vinegar or a handful of bicarbonate has been augmented. Or blend a cup of dry oatmeal until fine and put a handful command the bath.

Help for scratch eyes

Bathe sticky eyes with Euphrasia (eyebright) lotion to open doors soreness (a tablespoon to a pint of freshly boiled water. let palpable cool, strain it and bathe eyes blot out a varied piece of cotton wool over each eye).

Seek help if :

• your feverish, sick child (especially babies under six months old) is drinking less than casual or refusing drinks also has change into lethargic.

• a baby under six months old has a fever.

• an older baby has a fever of over 104°F (40°C) that doesn't operate to sponging and/or homeopathic treatment within 24 hours.

• there is a stint of reaction (discomfort again limpness) which can give voice that a viperous illness such as pneumonia or meningitis has developed.

• your child is screaming and is obviously in tactility but you don't feel certain where.

• a rash becomes infected.

A child who doesn't pick up well from a salad days illness always needs constitutional treatment from a homeopathic practitioner.

Dosage through Homeopathic Remedies

Tablets can embody chewed, or they can be crushed between two spoons and added to a small glass of water. Granules can be given neat on the tongue or diluted prestige water.

One dose = lone tablet, a few granules or a teaspoon of water in which a tablet or a few granules have been dissolved.

• Give one shot dose (of the 6 or 30 potency) every 2 hours because up to 6 doses, then three times daily once it has started to help.

• Stop once symptoms are considerably better.

• Change the remedy ensuing a month if crack is no improvement, or if bodily has stopped helping, or seek advice from a homeopathic practitioner.

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